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Community Manager

Since the announcement of the SAP HANA platform SAP has spent a lot of time talking to customers and partners and discussing strategy, features and more and when I look at the platform today it always makes me smile at how much has been not only accomplished but been accomplished together with so many different groups involved.

SAP HANA as many know is a database and yet it is so much more,
Deployable on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform that enables you to accelerate business processes, deliver more intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.


Today when we talk about SAP HANA we talk about the platform that is available and for me in particular I talk about how a developer can jump start their application development using a complete landscape with all the possible features one would need.

From the ability to collect, stream and analyze data, and I do mean "big" data to providing built in odata services for exposing it as well as front end capabilities to view it - SAP HANA offers the whole package in a neat little bundle that you can get up and running on within minutes! As a developer I like many of the features offered by the platform now and as a former web developer I felt right at home being able to jump in with my JavaScript and HTML skill sets and start creating right away. The recent additions of XSA (the Advanced XS environment) meant that I was able to utilize even more of my web development based skills around Node.js which made application development and deployment even easier, not to mention my ability to also integrate other languages such as PHP or Python into my stack. Of course they have made learning how to do all of this extremely easy as well.
Build smart, real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions – and deploy them on any device – with SAP HANA. Our in-memory application development platform includes a wide range of tools, including a Web-based developer workbench and IDE. Create apps that offer personalized experiences and instant response times – and take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and advanced analytics.

As a developer you tend to think, sure another platform, another tool, another device, another language, etc. but with SAP HANA and the recent release of SPS12 the ability to bring my own language to the stack and to take advantage of standards around odata, SQL and HTML5 it's just so easy to work with. Granted I work for SAP as an evangelist and you could say I am bias but as an evangelist I really have to believe in the things that I am going on about day to day and I have to say with SAP HANA I am excited to work with the platform. I have my own server running at home on a small machine, nothing fancy and I can jump into my web browser and work on a project anytime I like. Larger projects I have a cloud based system available to use. Things that SAP has made available for anyone.

Several customers have done some amazing things already like the Port of Hamburg, who combined the power of SAP HANA and IoT to make an efficient solution with an eye to the future! Or the entire realm of sports, like the German Football league or the NFL. There are so many options, so many industries and so many possibilities the world of SAP HANA has opened up an opportunity smorgasbord for developers of all types.