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Getting a new or existing application to run in the cloud is one thing, but creating a “cloud-native” app designed from scratch to fully leverage the underlying cloud runtime environment is another.

This is why we decided to provide some insights into what it takes to write a real cloud application at SAP TechEd last year. In the respective session we addressed the basic characteristics (aka 12 factors) and elaborated on how to build scalable, resilient cloud apps using a microservices paradigm.

Source: Allan Beck & John McTeague (JPMorgan Chase & Co.)


The session uses the above 'Cloud Maturity Model' as sort of a table of content (TOC) to address the various characteristics of each level and provide further links to related resources and reading material.

Cloud Friendly

We start by reiterating the basic fundamentals of building horizontally scalable apps by using either stateless communication or by using a shared cache via tools such as memcached or Redis). After that, we go through the various aspects of 12 Factor Apps and see how these are applied within a SAP Cloud Platform context.

Cloud Resilient

On this level, we talk about how-to write cloud agnostic apps by leveraging concepts such as Spring Cloud Connectors, in particular the cloud connectors for SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry. We touch upon the importance of embracing topics such as DevOps and that a culture change is as important as technology to be successful.

Cloud Native

We wrap it up by discussing an API first approach and how microservices concepts fit into the picture.

Piqued your interest? Then grab some popcorn, set a 1h blocker in your calendar and watch the video below. If you're still hungry for more - please get in touch ... oh, and make sure to look out for related content at SAP TechEd this year. 😉



[1] Presentation: DEV203 - Developing Cloud-Native Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform 

[2] Github repository: Enterprise Granny
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