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In our fast-paced world of technology, businesses are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve. However, as a company that has relied on traditional on-premise SAP systems for years, moving to the cloud can be intimidating. Will existing systems work well with the new system? What model is best - integrating on-premise parts with cloud solutions or completely moving to the cloud? What services and applications are needed? What about the risks and costs?

To explore the possibilities of SAP's cloud solutions, SAP offers a free 90-day trial of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). This provides the opportunity to gain more insights into what SAP BTP has to offer at zero cost before deciding if the solution is the best fit.

SAP BTP provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform-as-a-service that empowers businesses to develop, integrate, and extend applications, thus enabling them to embrace digital transformation. To empower users to reach this goal and, for example, connect existing SAP systems, SAP BTP offers a wide range of services, application runtime environments, integration tools, analytics, and more.

At the core of SAP BTP lies the SAP BTP cockpit - it is the entry point for developers to the SAP Business Technology Platform. The centralized web-based management tool allows developers to manage and configure their applications and services within the SAP BTP environment. It provides a visual interface to access and explore various services, monitor application performance, set up security, and manage resources.

With only a few clicks, users can sign up for a free 90-day SAP BTP trial and gain access to the SAP BTP cockpit. There, developers can explore the administration functions of the cockpit and dive deeper into a wide array of services. To establish secure and reliable connections between cloud applications and on-premise systems, SAP BTP offers a connectivity service. There are also integration services – e.g., SAP Integration Suite and SAP Master Data Integration, and many more.

SAP BTP's comprehensive services and their possibilities, accessed through the SAP BTP cockpit, can help users drive their digital transformation and enhance sustainability within their organization by reducing the need for physical infrastructure and optimizing resource usage.

To better understand what SAP BTP has to offer and what else can be accomplished with the power of the platform, SAP offers a wide array of trainings, documentation, user journeys, and certifications:

An opportunity to learn more can be found with Discovering SAP Business Technology Platform, a learning journey that offers an introduction to the SAP Business Technology Platform and the Intelligent Enterprise Strategy. Complete this online self-learning course for free, and earn a shareable certificate to send to colleagues and employers.

If you’re interested in diving in more, try a 90-day free trial of SAP BTP using this tutorial here.

To learn more about SAP Business Technology Platform and the strategy of the Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise, SAP offers instructor-led training introducing SAP BTP from a beginner-level. Find a course date and book your training here.

Final Thoughts: With the SAP BTP trial as an easy and inexpensive way to explore SAP BTP, and with the SAP BTP cockpit at its core, SAP offers companies a simple method to test-drive various services and functions before committing to an enterprise account. This can be the beginning of a transformative journey that sets companies on a path of innovation, growth, and sustainable practices. As the cloud journey unfolds, the enterprise will harness the potential of intelligent technologies, making strides towards a brighter and more competitive future.