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When we were discussing the main themes and directions for our next NetWeaver release at SAP, release 7.4 which we released last Friday to the public, roughly a year ago, it became pretty obvious, that the former NetWeaver solution as a self-contained technology platform was more and more dominated by

  • our extensions into the realms of In-Memory Database computing, manifested in our SAP HANA realtime data platform, ...
  • the topic of Cloud computing, represented in particular through "Neo", or SAP NetWeaver Cloud which evolved into SAP HANA Cloud Platform in the meantime, and last but not least ...
  • the topic of mobile consumption and User Experience on top of existing backend system functionality.

SAP NetWeaver 7.4 end-to-end scenariosI have written about the strategic direction of SAP NetWeaver in one of my prior blog posts on this site and you might want to check that one out as well.

For our customers and their more than 70.000 productive NetWeaver systems running, it is essential to see as smooth an evolution of the core technology platform as possible, to not disrupt their existing and established core processes, as it is crucial for them to extend their solutions quickly and efficiently in the areas surrounding their core processes to remain competitive or stay ahead of their competitors in the market.

While SAP NetWeaver was of course continuing to be the well-known set of application infrastructure and middleware products you knew from the former NetWeaver releases, it was constantly growing in new areas as well: either by dedicated products like SAP NetWeaver Identity Management or SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-on, or by bringing new capabilities in by putting SAP HANA underneath the application servers, bringing in Platform-as-a-Service capabilities via our SAP HANA Cloud Platform or by provisioning, for example, core ERP processes of productive SAP Business Suite installations to the end-user via mobile devices using SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Edition, SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gateway and SAPUI5.

What would then have been more natural than putting the end-to-end scenario perspective into the focus of our activities around developer experience then? Wasn't that, what developers would be doing with our product offering in the larger SAP NetWeaver portfolio as it developed into the future? Why let them figure it out on their own how to put the bits and pieces to work for their scenario? Why not provide all that information in the first place rather than just product documentation? Great idea. Lots of work. But we made it.

Given that I am very pleased to announce today is the availability of a set of complete, detailed end-to-end development tutorials for typical scenarios we have been seeing with customers. All of the scenarios are available on the SAP Community Network in the Developer Center. They come with extensive, step-by-step tutorial documentation explaining how to put the various technologies and products at work for your scenario. They come with ready-to-run source code provided in the SAP repository of GitHub that you can study, run and deploy yourself, or copy and modify for your own purposes, explaining in detail how to link the various technologies together. Plus we have set up a backend system in the cloud on top of SAP HANA that you can use as a "trial" backend to start your own experiments with the samples we have provided, based on our Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model (ESPM).

This is the first four scenarios we've provided:

  • Develop a SAP HANA Cloud-based Web application with SAPUI5 & JPA persistence (Link)
  • Develop a SAP HANA Cloud-based mobile Web application with back-end connectivity to an SAP Business Suite system running on-premise (R/W persistence) (Link)
  • Develop an on-premise business application on SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP 7.4 with SAPUI5 and SAP HANA (Link)
  • Extend a SAP HANA Cloud-based Web application using both an on-premise backend application and extend it with data stored in the SAP HANA Cloud (Link)

If you're not clear what all of this is about, check out the introduction video to give you an idea what wealth of information and running code you are getting with those end-to-end scenarios.

Yes, there needs even more to come. But if you're a developer, it's definitely time to get your hands dirty!