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We did a survey last year to check with Web Dynpro ABAP developer if they really need eclipse based development environment: Web Dynpro ABAP Tools in Eclipse Survey

The results of the survey were very positive and hence we start the project to create such environment.

Today, we released the first version and is available for you for real productive usage.

If you are in Web Dynpro ABAP application development arena and didn't participate in that survey, you must have the question "Why should I use the new development environment to develop Web Dynpro ABAP applications ?".

Our answer is: In this new development environment, you do everything faster (lots of productivity gains) and many things which were not possible earlier in old development environment, are available now. Apart from the list of features below, please refer to the blog " How developing Web Dynpro ABAP Applications using ABAP development tools (for Eclipse) is more fun ..." will emphasize more on them.

Moreover in coming releases you will see more and more features made available for Web Dynpro ABAP development using ABAP development tools for Eclipse.

For complete information please check this document : Developing Web Dynpro ABAP Applications using ABAP development tools (for Eclipse)

Floor Plan Integration is also available now in ABAP in Eclipse: Develop UIs using Floor Plan Manager using ABAP development tools (for Eclipse)

Have fun with the new development environment. Please keep us posted with your feedback and suggestions for the new development environment.