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SAP Cloud Platform application programming model allows developers to quickly and easily create enterprise applications by allowing them to focus on their domain logic. It offers a consistent end-to-end programming model and development experience tailored for SAP Cloud Platform (learn more on SAP Cloud Platform application programming model capabilities).

With the new offerings from SAP Web IDE, developers can leverage SAP Cloud Platform application programming model to its best, offering a tailor made, integrated developer experience.


Starting with a new application template “SAP Cloud Platform Business Application”, which helps you to start with the recommended project structure suited for SAP Cloud Platform applications, compound of a Database module and Service module.

Figure 1 : Application Template


As soon as you start modeling your CDS (Core Data & Services) artifacts, you will immediately notice the editor syntax highlighting and the code-completion for CDS, built into SAP Web IDE.

Additionally, in case of a syntax error, you will see an error indication on the editor gutter and in the SAP Web IDE Problem View, including the error description.

Figure 2: CDS Editor


For helping you with easily navigating between the different CDS entities on your opened model, we also offer the Outline view for CDS (on the right).

Figure 3: Outline for CDS


In case you would like to mashup your service model with an existing external service (e.g. SAP S/4HANA, others), you can use the integrated tools for exploring services from SAP systems, and add the service definition to your application for reuse and mashup purposes.


Figure 4: Add Model


On top of these, by switching your workspace view with the newly introduced Project Explorer, you will be able to easily view and develop your application main logical entities (Database entities, OData service, UI application).
Double clicking on the entity itself, will open the related editor (CDS editor for the model artifacts, UI Adaptation editor for Fiori Element views etc.).


Figure 5: Project Explorer



SAP Web IDE offerings for the SAP Cloud Platform application programming model, are all leveraging our set of development tools and SDKs for:


For more detailed information, tutorials, best-practices and samples apps, visit our page in the SAP Help Portal.


Try it out yourself, check our Getting Started Tutorial to learn more, and... stay tuned for more, helping you to get started and build great SAP Cloud Platform Business Applications.