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part 1

  • Create a new Kapsel App
part 2
  • Add new Functionality
  • Test In Browser with Cordova Facade

part 3

this part :wink:

  • Run The App On Your Mobile Device

Run The App On Your Mobile Device

To run the App on a mobile device we must first install Companion-App. For Android you will get it here.

The companion App is also a part of HAT. Here you can download HAT. (And here are guides how you can install HAT)

This app allows us to scan the QR-Code from the SAP Web IDE-WebPreview and start the same App on a mobile device.

All the Kapsel plugins our mobile app might need are already included in the Companion App.

Test On Your Device

Now that the Companion App has been installed, we can scan the QR Code shown the SAP Web IDE Preview window and this will start the app on the mobile device.

On the preview tab click on the small QR Code icon at right-top of view.

Start the companionApp

Double tap on the screen or click the button at the bottom left to open the menu.

Click the SCAN button at the top.

Scan the QR Code from your SAP Web IDE Application preview in the chrome browser.

Enter your HANA Cloud credentials (or SCN credentials) and click Login

The products will show up.

Click the Scan button

Scan the QRCode/Barcode

In the Message box you will see the result of your scan.

In the background it searches for the scanned product.

Open one product to see the details.

At the bottom click Add to Contact button.

Click OK on the success message.

Open the Contacts App on your smart phone

search for this contact.

If you cannot find it make sure that you used the Android for work contacts app

More Web IDE stuff published by Technology RIG :smile:

See you