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it is about ... how to achieve the facet filter and facet selector combination to filter any data source and see the results in a table.

The UI5 demo of this scenario is here - FacetFilter - SAPUI5 Demo Kit

I use screenshots for scripting, at the end of this blog you can find a link to a demo app with CSV data source.

The screens are from SCN community 3.0 (version for DS 1.6) - it will be released soon.


you will need an application with Facet Filter, Facet Selector and UI5 Table (or any other component for visualization). My demo app is looking like this:

Configuring the Facet Filter and Facet Selector.

First, you need to update the content with data source. Of course data source needs to be assigned to the component.

Updating of the content can be done in the startup script:

This scripts will update the facet component on startup.

Then, you need also to assure that all filter changes in the data source are replicated to the components. For this, we can use the on result set changed event:

and then, all changes in the data source will update selections in the components.

Special Options to choose dimensions.

It is possible to select less dimensions for the selection then in the result set. For this, you need to go to the "Special" area in additional properties.

as you see, I have changed the content mode to "Custom Dimension" and in the list of dimensions I use only "CUSTOMER" (tech name of the dimension).

By this, the facet filter will have only customer to view.

Loading Members

Assure you load enough members, in this dimension (customers) it is a bigger number. Of course check the performance, as the members load can be costly.

and also synchronize the setting with display of members.

and then, each click on some member will update the filtering on your data source, eg. click on "Internet" will be reflected in DS and the table.

I hope this scenario helps you to work with facet filter and facet selector.

The demo app is here.


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