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This short blog is to compile links for Design Studio maintenance topic.

Based on customer questions, the following PDF is explaining in detail how design studio is maintained.

The document can be found under the link "Additional Information".

Here the short compilation:

  • The product SBOP Design Studio is following the standard SAP maintenance for BusinessObjects products:
    • 7 years main stream maintenance
    • 2 years extended maintenance
  • Every new major release is resetting the 7 years counter
  • Every minor release is maintained for 2 years starting with its general availability date
  • As soon next major release is available, the support packages for the highest minor releases will be still provided with at least 1 year overlap, means at least 1 year longer starting with general availability of the major release

  • The only two exceptions to the general maintenance strategy are:
    • describing how corrections are delivered - always on the highest minor release which had its general availability date
    • removing the overlap between minor releases - next minor release is replacing immediately the last one
  • link to original text:

What does it mean for support and corrections?

  • every customer can open incident based on any release which is before End of Maintenance date
  • corrections will be provided based on the current active minor release
  • the support package of the current active minor release can be applied only for correction purposes
    • new features provided in minor release are inactive as long the application definition is not changed

Minor Release & Support Package Plan

  • Minor releases are planned to be delivered 2 times per year (May & November)
  • Per minor release 2 support packages are planned (around every 8-10 weeks)
  • Before the next major release will be provided, the plan will be shared with customers

In case of questions you can use this thread.