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In Lumira 2.0 Designer, the old ways of creating bookmarks have been depreciated. If you upgrade a 1.x application to 2.x, your existing 1.6 style bookmarks will still be there. 1.x bookmarks and scripts that interact with bookmarks will function exactly in 2.0 as they did in 1.x, however the old bookmarking framework is deprecated.For example, if you create a new app in Design Studio 1.6, using the Generic Analysis template, it comes with extensive bookmark handling (in the 1.x style).

This means:

  • Script functions related to the old bookmarks no longer show up in autocomplete.

  • They are not documented in the 2.x documentation.

  • Existing script commands related to bookmarks show up in the 2.x script editor with a strikethrough as seen below (this is the loadBookmarks() global function from the 1.6 Generic Analysis template)


If you export it and them import it into the 2.x Designer, it will be migrated and still use the old infrastructure. Bookmarks created in Lumira 2.x should use the new bookmark technical object and if you create the app using the 2.x version of that template, it will use the new bookmarks technical object.