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Once again - a compilation on all blogs to get you started into the release 1.6! More content will follow in next weeks, I will also accumulate here blogs from others as in the release 1.5 (Design Studio 1.5: What's New in? A (technical) View).

Update Feb 2016

Some new blogs included which were created by community last months. Good work all!


Taking a while in the release of Design Studio 1.6, I want to give you some introduction to some "bigger" features in the this release. Of course there are also other areas of enhancements, which can be valuable for your scenarios.

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Today here the compilation of links for the topics which I could prepare until now. More will follow until New Year.

1. Scorecard Component

A new component for highly customizable tables, also with micro charts. You can define a view on your data - independent of your drill down (to some extend of course).


                     Design Studio 1.6 - Advanced Selection in Scorecard

                     Design Studio 1.6 - Visualizing Row Selections in Scorecard

                     Design Studio 1.6 - Using Multiselect in Scorecard

          blogs by howard.dai

          Introduction to SAP Design Studio 1.6 Scorecard Component (Part 1)

          Introduction to SAP Design Studio 1.6 Scorecard Component (Part 2)

          blogs by ravin.angara

          Enabling Hierarchies within SAP Business Objects Design Studio 1.6 Scorecard Component

          Dynamically expand and collapse hierarchies using scripting within Scorecard Component - SAP Busines...

          How to dynamically embed images in SAP Business Objects Design Studio 1.6 Scorecard Component

          blog by

          Interaction of Scorecard with other components in DS 1.6 (by riddhiman.basu)

2. Spreadsheet Component

A component which is capable of planning with copy and paste support. Looks like an excel grid for data entry.

3. Offline Data (CSV files)

Small, but practical feature for offline demonstrations (works only in local mode). You can export any data source to CSV version using the "Initial View Editor" and then use the CSV later for data access. The value is - also filter components are supporting this data source.

4. Global Filters in Online Composition Dashboards

With small scripting you can achieve a global filter function. Somply look for scripts on Slit Cell Cell Container - getDataSources(). With this, you can get a list of data sources in the container and distribute the filters on it.

5. Custom Measures and Top N at Runtime

In Context Menu you will find some options for local calculations and top N function which helps you data analysis.

6. Drag and Drop capability for Crosstab

Crosstab is now also supporting the drag & drop.

7. Integrated CSS Editor in Designer

Small, but effective - in designer you can directly edit your CSV file. This reduces effort also in upload to BIP repository.

8. SAP UI5 Mobile Mode as Component Library (by mustafa.bensan)

The complete new mode "M" (called main) which is available when you create new application. Some functions are not supported yet, but you can already try out.

9. Graphics and Icons Library

A component for better display of icons, available in main mode.

     Addition: Using custom icon font with SAP Design studio 1.6 icon component (by nithyanandamvenu)

10. Action Sheet Technical Component (main mode only)

A small, but interesting technical component to allow additional action menu in the selected context.

11. Info-Chart Component (by etienne.guilhaume)

Chart component with more flexible configuration options.

12. Online Composition (by ravin.angara)

Combining bookmarking functionality with Online Composition Template in local mode

13. Report to Report Interface (by sushma.sandepogu)

14. Multilingual Applications

Multilingual Design Studio application using Translation Management Tool (by harjeet.judge)

15. Bookmarking and Online Composition

Avoiding duplicates of Fragment Bookmarks on BI Platform (by noel.shaju)

Bookmarks functionality  with online Composition template in BIP mode (by sushma.sandepogu)

16. Performance Topics

Performance Improvement by Parallel Processing of Universe Data Sources (by krishnendu.narayanan)

17. Manual Data Refresh

Manual Refresh Button in SAP Design Studio Application (by

More interesting Blogs around SDK

Examples on SDK Work

Creating a Fiori-like comparison tile with Design Studio and two extensions (by matt.lloyd

Extending Design Studio with an HTML extension and HTML bars (by matt.lloyd

Community Extensions - Coming Soon

Sneak Peak - SCN Design Studio 1.6 SDK Components

If you find other interesting content you would like to ask about, feel free - I will try the best. Also, if you have some blog with examples of new functions, I will link it here for others.

SAP Learning Hub

Refer also to materials in SAP Learning Hub, Early Knowledge Transfer for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 is now available in SAP Learning ...