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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

sometimes, you want to use the scorecard component to select only one member of some dimension (like showing only entries in status "in progress"). And perhaps you have already seen the button "Advanced Selection"..

When you open it, you will see that the chosen dimension is actually transformed to a selection string which is taking the data from data source.

In this case, the selection is simple - it is creating a scorecard based on members of the dimension "DISTR_CHANNEL", and this is what you can see...

in this simple data source, we have 3 members and the total.

Option 1.

You want to remove the total. You can make this in the data source of course, but you can also change the selection for this dimension





and your total will disappear from scorecard (it will be not selected as row).

Option 2.

You want to have a single member from the dimension. You need to give the member key, like:


and then your scorecard will select only this member from this dimension.

Of course, if you have many dimensions in your row scope, you can place this detailed selection at any place. When you modify the selection, your scorecard will show in the row scope:

Extra Topic

Scorecard selection model is not supporting multi-selections, so you do not need to try...

It means, when you need multi-selections, you probably need to use more scorecards with single selections. Sometimes the setting "Hide Header" can help you to place the scorecards together.


The example is available as exported design studio app


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