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Hi All,

SAP has come out with a new features in Hana Cloud Integration. With the help of OData API it is now possible deploy or undeploy your Integration Content Artifacts without logging to your HCI Tenant.

I will divide this blog into two parts:-

1)Deployment of Artifacts and 2)Undeployment of Artifacts.

Before that let me give you brief information about Integration Runtime Artifacts.Integration Runtime Artifacts gives you the list of the artifacts which are already Deployment on your Tenant. I will cover this part in my next blog.In this blog,we will be concentrate mainly of Deployment and Undeployment of Artifacts via

Lets start with first Part

1)Deployment of Integration Content Artifacts via OData API

With OData API it is now possible to deploy the Integration artifacts content to the tenant via Odata API using REST Client i.e PostMan.

With OData API we can deploy these Artifacts.Security artifacts deployment is not possible as of now via OData API.

1)Integration Process Project
2)OData Services Project
3)Value Mapping

How to Deploy the Artifacts:-
1) If you have any Rest Client such as PostMan or SOAP UI.Use any one of them.
2) Under Authorisation tab,provide the login details of the Tenant where you want to deploy.
3) Select the POST Operation,go to Body and select Binary.
4) Provide your tenant details where you want to deploy your Integration Content Artifact in below format.
5) You can deploy jar(Runtime) as well as zip files(Design time) one at a time.As of now you cannot do the mass deployment of Artifacts via OData API with PostMan or SOAP UI because POST Operation in Postman support only request at a time.

6) After selection of the artifacts,click on send.You will get Http 202 response which means artifacts is triggered for deployment.Here,we will get HTTP 202 not Http 200 Ok ,because PostMan client is just executing and passing our request to our tenant and if the structure of our Artifacts supported by HCI is correct,it will get deployed otherwise you will not see.

7) Go to the respective tenant and check the deployment status of your Artifacts.

2)Undeployment of Integration Content Artifacts via OData API

Now there are many cases where you want to Undeploy your Artifacts from the HCI Tenant.With the help of OData API,SAP has come out with the features of Undeployment.

Same way,you have to use any of your REST Client and Perform the DELETE Operation.
URL Format:-


Both these features are small but its very useful.

Try executing these features and share your feedback.

Happy Learning 🙂

Abhinav Verma