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This is a submission for the SAP Intelligent RPA Tutorial Challenge

This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post - How to extract data from a web-page to excel using SAP Intelligent RPA. In this blog post, we will focus on deploying the bots on SAP Intelligent RPA in Cloud Factory.

1. Click on the file in the desktop studio and select the Export project.

2. Enter your login credentials of SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory account. To activate your free trial account follow this blog post- Free trial for SAP Intelligent RPA.

3. Now the below screen will come. To create the Environments hierarchy, node and new environment follow this openSAP RPA Course - Unit 5. In my account, it is already created.

4. Go to Packages and click on Import

Enter the details in desktop package ( Project >>Excel Web Automation >>choose export folder >> select the zip file) and then click on the import.


5. Click on the highlighted button to deploy the project.

6. Deployment is completed.

7. Click on Add trigger and then click on schedule.

8. Enter the detail on Add Scheduled Trigger. Here I want to run it all 7 days. Drag and drop to choose how many days you want to run. Choose the Priority, Date Range and Recurrence. In my case recurrence will happen every 5 minutes.

After entering the details, click on the Create button.


9. Click on Scheduled_01 and then expand the more option to select Run now.

10. The scenario which we have taken " How to Extract Data from a Web-page to Excel using SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation" will start running now.

11. Next execution in 3 minutes.

12. Click on Monitoring – Running jobs.

13. Clear filter and check the status.


Final Result - It will run based on your scheduling.

URL:- will open

On the search bar, irpa will be entered and then the search icon will be clicked as shown.

URL:-,html,pdf,o... will open.

It will select all the search headers.

Now, all the search results links will get imported into the excel.


We have learned how to deploy the bots on SAP Intelligent RPA in Cloud Factory and run it in the scheduled manner.

Congrats! We have successfully deployed the bots on SAP Intelligent RPA in Cloud Factory :).

Let me know your feedback in comments :).


Happy Learning!!

Sonu Agarwal