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The powers that shape how the future of business unfolds and provide us with opportunities to make the world run better, are at constant change. 

Over the past years, one power has gained enormous influence: that of the individual. In their various roles as consumers, citizens, employees, and entrepreneurs, individuals have connected amongst each other in business and social networks. This has enabled them like never before to contribute to trends and impact policy making, to collectively drive decisions, as well as to influence business strategies and corporate cultures.

While on its journey to becoming a consumer company, SAP is at the heart of various technology trends such as in-memory, cloud, big data, or mobile. At the same time, humanity faces complex challenges. Trends such as globalization, urbanization, digitalization or demographic change are closely interconnected. Given the megatrends´ ecological, economic, and social nature, no one can solve these challenges on their own. But more than ever individuals can play their part.

Demonstrating the power of the individual and the fact that there is a real person behind every business and social process, SAP has published the dynamic web magazine “SAP Milestones”.

The innovative web magazine has just won a silver medal in the category “Digital Media Website B2B” at the 11th Best of Corporate Publishing Award ceremony (BCP) in Hamburg/Germany. This award is one of the most important and prestigious international awards in the area of corporate publishing and content marketing. SAP Milestones was competing with a total of 670 submissions from 14 countries (including Argentina, UK, UAR, Germany, etc.). This distinction is another in a series of awards that SAP Milestones was able to win in the last couple of months including the European Excellence Award for “outstanding accomplishments in the field of communications and PR” and the Spotlight Award in Gold by the League of American Communications Professionals.

SAP Milestones is targeted to the general public and was first published in 2012 at the occasion of SAP´s 40th birthday. With its new focus on the power of the individual, the magazine tells compelling stories about how technology can help make the world run better and improve people´s lives.

The first chapter, “Perspectives,” explains how SAP makes use of technology trends such as cloud, mobile, big data, and in-memory computing. The second chapter, “Impact,” provides examples of how SAP software empowers the individual to help master the global challenges. The third chapter, “Evolution,” deals with the rise and internationalization of SAP.

The magazine adapts to any device, whether PC, laptop, tablet, or even smart phone and provides app-like functionality. With videos and graphics, SAP Milestones offers readers completely new possibilities to get to know SAP as well as to experience how the company impacts our future.

SAP Milestones is updated regularly with new stories and videos. To learn more, visit: