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SAP and Esri can help your organization breakdown the silos between GIS and IT to streamline situation management and recovery planning.  When your business operations are threatened by a predicted major event, can your teams work together before disaster strikes?

It’s time to bring your business and spatial data to life.


In this demo, you will see what your GIS analysts can do with ArcGIS web maps accessing data from Esri’s immense ArcGIS Living Atlas combined with ArcGIS Enterprise running on SAP HANA Cloud.  A GIS analyst uses this capability to understand the potential impact of forecasted and actual weather on utility operations and service.  They can quickly share that information with IT business analysts, customers, media, and first responders.

This demo also shows how your IT Business Analyst uses SAP Analytics Cloud to assess the flood damage from a cost perspective and prepare a response plan.  With real-time information, the impact on your revenue, and more importantly the impact on nursing homes, and hospitals in the impacted areas becomes crystal clear. SAP Analytics Cloud pulls data from both ArcGIS Enterprise and SAP S/4HANA to enable true real-time business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Our fictional energy supplier, Naperville Electric received weather warnings from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) concerning expected flooding in our service area in the next 48 hours.

The integration between multiple applications and SAP HANA Cloud enables Naperville Electric to respond swiftly and effectively.  The "always on" level of integration needed to respond effectively is only possible with SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud, fully supported by Esri ArcGIS Enterprise as an enterprise geodatabase in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments. Always-on integration means no data is replicated because SAP S/4HANA information is retrieved on-the-fly by ArcGIS  Enterprise-  – this is only possible because of the SAP HANA technology.

Only SAP and Esri together harnesses the power of connecting your standard Esri ArcGIS environment to real-time SAP operational data in SAP S/4HANA and analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud.  Whether it’s a spatial app, web map, ArcGIS Pro, SAP S/4HANA, or SAP Analytics Cloud, they are all running on SAP HANA based platforms.

With more than eight years of joint SAP and Esri engineering invested, SAP HANA is a purpose-built engine for ArcGIS Enterprise and the main platform that ties your spatial and business data together. Better still, this is a no-code solution using standard off-the-shelf products from SAP and Esri. Let us help you breakdown the silos between IT and GIS to transform your business.

Enjoy the demo!

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