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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Packathon event in MEE – New Partner Industry & LOB Content Packages developed in one week, boosting time-to-value

Working on our Product Strategy is fun, but it’s even more rewarding to be around when the rubber hits the road, and our technology is used to solve actual business problems. This is how Dr. Hagen Jander, Senior Director Product Strategy for Data Warehousing at SAP, summarized his impressions after the final presentations of the recently conducted Packathon event for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in MEE. In this new event series SAP collaborated with Consulting and Technology Partners to jump-start the development of new Industry and LOB Content Packages that accelerate time-to-value for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud customers.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP’s strategic solution for Data Warehousing in the public cloud, unleashes the data-driven business by unifying data silos, empowering business users, and delivering fast time to action – with Business Content being a key enabler of the latter. As Linda O’Connor, Vice President Product Strategy & Solution Management for SAP Data Warehouse, summarizes: The continuous expansion of Industry and LOB Business Content Packages is one of our top priorities as it drives innovation and time-to-value for SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). Availability of Business Content offerings accelerate implementations by delivering end-to-end analytical scenarios from data ingestion to analytics. We welcome and appreciate the great collaboration and highly innovative use cases from our Partner eco-system, which complement SAP’s Business Content portfolio.

Several Partners accepted SAP’s invitation to participate in an intense one-week initiative. After a full-day enablement session in which the Partners were briefed on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud fundamentals/Content Building best practices, the teams defined their use cases, developed architectural blueprints, and implemented their packages. As a final step, Partners showcased their innovations to an SAP-led panel comprising of Product Development, Product & Solution Management, Sales & Consulting, and Partner organizations.

The outcome was excellent. The maturity and scope of the presented content packages not only proved SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s agility and ease-of-use, but also illustrated SAP’s Partner eco-system innovation. I am really excited to see the great level of engagement with our Partners and the outstanding results, said Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Vice President Product Management & Strategy for SAP Data Warehousing. Especially the combination of data from SAP and other systems along with use of external data provides unprecedented opportunities for innovative use cases – like PwC’s 360-Degree Demand Reporting scenario.

Like all other participants, PwC’s team was very engaged and dedicated significant time to the development of their content package. As Laura Feldmann, Senior Associate at PwC Germany, mentioned: Despite several dry runs and a night shift shortly before the final presentation, the fun was not missing at all. Going this extra mile clearly paid off: With their use case that combines multiple data sources to achieve a 360-degree real-time view on demand, PwC occupied the first place on the winner’s podium – closely followed by Camelot ITLab providing a “Supply Chain Resiliency” analytics solution and Windhoff Group measuring the social media effectiveness for recruiting.

The SAP Packathon Event Coordinator, Florian Neukirch, SAP Data Warehousing Solution Management Associate, will continue to collaborate with all participating Partners to launch of their content packages. Once released, all packages will be available in the Business Content Center – and more to come soon.

Congratulations to all Winners and many thanks for the great collaboration to all participating Partners and supporting colleagues from across SAP’s organizational units, Florian said and revealed based on the success, we are already planning to continue this successful event series in another region – with Americas coming next.