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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Partners - Join us on a technical enablement journey on SAP BTP for Industries over the next months to learn how SAP BTP can help you rapidly and securely to develop and deliver valuable enterprise-grade industry use cases.

Roughly each month we will guide you through a new industry use case. For each use case we will cover the pain points and value proposition of the scenario in its target industry; we will define a best-practice solution architecture based on SAP BTP; and we will show how to implement some of the key SAP BTP components in the proposed architecture.

During this journey we will explore the below three key dimensions of an Intelligent and Sustainable Enterprise, and we hope that at the end of this you will be inspired to build similar scenarios for your target industry.

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Clean Core

We will show how to build true Cloud Native Architecture (CNA) solutions on top of SAP BTP, following Clean Core guiding principles and showing samples of multi-tenant, event-driven, side-by-side, integrated and secure industry solutions.

Read more about Clean Core


Artificial Intelligence

We will show how to infuse Artificial Intelligence into your solutions and explore some of the most advanced capabilities of SAP BTP, like SAP AI Core and the SAP Build portfolio.

Read more about AI

Read more about SAP Build


We will show how to address sustainability challenges using the SAP BTP portfolio to accelerate app development including tools for data ingestion, processing, integration and analysis with SAP Datasphere, SAP HANA Cloud Data Lake, and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Read more about Sustainability

Read more about SAP Datasphere and Analytics

Earn official Technology Knowledge badges!

For each of the described leaning dimensions above SAP Partners will have an opportunity to earn a knowledge badge that can serve as accreditation of the expertise acquired by attending these sessions and passing the associated web assessment. Details can be found here (only accessible to SAP Partners).

What is the format of the sessions?

Each session is two hours long and follows the standard agenda below.

  • Intro
    Recap of the prerequisites for the session: which former enablement sessions, blogs, documentation are recommended to be able to successfully follow the session.

  • Description of the use case
    Which industry it addresses, which experienced pain-points and what it the proposed solution.

  • Overall architecture based on SAP BTP
    Which primary components make up the solution (usually 4 highlighted, of which 2 will be prototyped). Overall description of these components and of the interfaces between them.

  • Prototyped Component Demos
    Deep dive into two of the primary components. Any related code will be available on GitHub for partners to replicate.

  • Q&A

What are the Use Cases under this initiative?

Title Description Registration
Option 1 Option 2

Intelligent Ticket System for the Service Industry

Read the blog
Join us for a powerful session exploring how SAP BTP can tackle the challenges of the Service Industry. We'll delve into a modern and streamlined architecture, utilizing the power of CAP, custom text classification services, and Business Rules to deliver unparalleled flexibility and agility in managing business partners' demands, all while maintaining the pristine integrity of your core SAP solution. Feb 28,
16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
Mar 2,
11am – 1pm SGT
(for registration see link below)

Fleet Driver Tracking for the Transportation Industry

Read the blog

In this session, we will present some challenges faced by the Transportation Industry due to an increasing number of inexperienced drivers, and discuss a comprehensive clean core solution architecture utilizing SAP BTP to achieve unprecedented minimization in maintenance, fuel consumption and liability costs.

The proposed architecture will leverage CAP (Cloud Application Programming Model) and Graph, as well as Cloud Identity Services to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) login to SAP Analytics Cloud. The solution integrates with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors.
Mar 28, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
Mar 30, 11am-1pm SGT
(for registration see link below)

Workplace Management for the Co-working and Facility Management Industry

Read the blog

In this session, we’ll present the challenges companies face to provide the right options for their employees and teams’ coworking needs.

We will explore a practical solution to address these challenges and discuss a comprehensive clean core solution architecture using SAP BTP to ease the management and booking of co-working facilities.

We will demonstrate and walk you through the implementation of the key components of a multi-tenant app developed with CAP (Cloud Application Programming Model); leveraging Identity Services for user management and SaaS Provisioning Service for multi-tenant implementation.
May 16, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
May 17, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

Exploring the potential applications of ChatGPT/GPT-4 in SAP ecosystem

Read the blog
In this session we will do an in-depth exploration of ChatGPT and GPT-4, and discover how SAP Partners can leverage this powerful AI technology to accelerate their solution development processes and create more intelligent solutions.

June 13, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)

June 15, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

AI-driven Public Urban Transport Optimization

Read the blog, part 1

Read the blog, part 2
In this session we will dive into the challenges of the urban public transportation in its path towards digitalization, efficiency, and sustainability. In this context we will explore a solution in SAP BTP for planning and optimizing the fundamental aspects of a public transport network. We will discuss a comprehensive clean core architecture in SAP BTP to acquire, transform and consume in real-time the data needed to describe the complex context of the urban mobility with the help of SAP DatasphereSAP Integration Suite and SAP Analytics Cloud. Moreover, we will explain how to get insights from that data with advanced algorithms developed in SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad. July 11, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
July 13, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

AI-powered Returnable Packaging

Read the blog series
In this session, we will see an example of how SAP partners can enable circular economy by building custom solutions with SAP Business Technology Platform. As we walk through the storyline of returnable plastic packaging, we will explore how SAP BTP empowers cooperation between the multiple business partners involved in the process, orchestrating communication between different data systems.
We will cover various technical topics, especially SAP tools to implement micro-services in BTP, computer vision models, web and mobile applications, and tracking of environmental footprint. Among the solutions used in the architecture, we will see SAP Returnable Packaging Management and SAP AI Core
September 19, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
September 21, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

Pipeline Corrosion Analytics for Oil & Gas

Read the blog, Introduction

Read the blog, Deep dive
In this session we will explore the challenges faced by the Oil & Gas industry in maintaining one of its most important assets: the pipeline grid. In this context, we will discuss a solution in SAP BTP that uses machine learning to intelligently estimate corrosion defect growth. We will also explain how an AI-centric architecture in SAP BTP can quickly visualize insights and plan an optimized maintenance and inspection program. We will give a clear understanding of how to integrate SAP Asset Performance Management into the solution architecture and infuse intelligence with SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad. As delivering a machine learning solution presents unique challenges, we will showcase how to implement CI/CD pipelines for SAP AI Core. October 17, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
October 19, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

AI-embedded Flexible Energy Grids for Utilities

Read the blog, Overview

Read the blog, Deep dive
In this session, we will discuss the challenges the Utility Industry is facing in its path towards decarbonisation. We will explore how an SAP Partner can help to increase penetration of renewable energy sources, by building a solution in SAP BTP to dynamically manage energy demand fluctuations and enable coordination between prosumers and utility provider.
Our team will walk you through a comprehensive architecture for a distributed energy grid, including SAP Cloud for Energy and SAP AI Core. We will also discuss various components building up towards an ideal solution architecture for the implementation.
November 14, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
November 16, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

Sustainable Waste Management for Healthcare

Read the blog, Overview

Read the blog, Deep dive
In this session, we’ll delve into the sustainability challenges of the Healthcare Industry when it comes to waste footprint management and explore a practical solution to address some of these challenges with SAP BTP by leveraging the power of SAP DatasphereSAP Analytics Cloud and FedML to achieve unprecedented and intelligent monitoring and tracking of healthcare waste, which can provide better measures and practices to ensure safe and environmentally sound management of medical wastes. December 5, 16-18 CET
(for registration see link below)
December 7, 9-11 CET
(for registration see link below)

Registration links and the full schedule for these events will be published on the SAP BTP Partner Community here (only accessible to SAP Partners).

Following each of the sessions we will also post a blog that walks you through that particular use case (will be linked in the above table).

Happy learning!