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The purpose of this document is to help developers create a deep entity link for Custom Business Object.

Usually in project requirement we come across scenarios where we have to create custom approvals/workflows on Custom BO.

While we send an email notificaiton to the approver informing him about his task.

Business usually wants to have a link in the email body which can direct them directly to the specific object which needs to approved rather than navigating through all the WCs and OWLs etc.

Below is the generic link for navigation to any speicific entity:[x][&]nav_mode=TI[&]param.Key=[y]

Lets break down the various parameters in the above url:

  • XXXXXX => Number associated with your tenant

  • [x] => TT screen reference of your custom BO.                                                                      

  • [y] => SAPUUID of the entity to be referenced.                                                                            

So the final url should look something like:

Few important pointers:

1) How to get the required TT screen reference?

Please follow below steps:

i) Login to your SAP Cloud Application Studio.

ii) Look for the respective TT screen of the Custom BO in the solution explorer
2) TT namespace Dev vs Non Dev systems:
In Normal project environment we have different namespaces of solution which are active in Dev and Non Dev systems

This is due to the patch solution which is generally active in Dev and Original solution which is active in Non Dev environment.

Hence while creating an url please keep in mind about the current active solution namespace being used in the respective environment, while getting the TT screen's reference.

Happy Learning!!!