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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

The SAP Champion Spotlight Interview Series highlights key strategic topics and provides insights from SAP Champions and SAP leaders on turning ideas into innovative approaches that impact people, processes, and technology.

How many times do we hear that an individual has the talent, but does not apply it in the best way?

Many people think that talent is the key to success. Talent is helpful, but dedication helps ensure that an individual or team can triumph.

Talent provides many considerations for moving forward, but perseverance and dedication are the essential ingredients to reaching targeted goals, objectives, and taking control of one’s own destiny.

Learning how to pursue self-determination as a lifelong skill requires dedication, continuous improvement, creativity, drive, self-awareness, assertiveness, overcoming roadblocks, lessons learned, problem solving, and self-learning to acquire new skills.

With great dedication one can achieve great results.

For lakshmipathi.ganesan#overview, SAP Champion, SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Solution Architect, SAP Community Grand Master Solver, he has an extraordinary track record of continuous learning and dedication towards achieving goals. As a community Q&A forums contributor he has an outstand record of helping users achieve their objectives with 5100+ community answers accepted.

It was inspiring to connect with Lakshmipathi from his home office in the Greater Chennai Area, India.

Stacey Fish (SF): Hi Lakshmipathi! You had a unique journey from the University of Madrasand then as a Stenographer with great short-hand skills! 🙂 You never went to any institute to learn SAP, and yet became a top expert in Sales & Distribution (SD) and Supply Chain Management leading to your current role at an expert SAP SD Solution Architect. What triggered this major career shift?

Lakshmipathi Ganesan (LG): During my initial learning stage of SAP, I spent minimum of 5 to 6 hours on a daily basis after my routine official work. This means, after 8.00 pm, I practiced in SAP IDES (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System) (fortunately, being a Super User, I had all the privileges of table access and configuration) each as well as every sales scenario.

Wherever, I faced any issue, I took the inputs from SAP Community (SCN) users and experts (formerly SDN) and solved the issue I faced. So, in that context, I would say, my determination and goal are the key factors to this growth.

SF: You generously answer SAP Community members' questions and are recognized as a Grand Master Solver with over 5100 answers accepted. What motivates you to provide your wisdom and expertise? Do you set aside time each week to contribute?

LG: Yes, I spend 4 to 5 hours on a daily basis apart from my official deliverables, and consulting is my passion. Given my own journey with learning and network with peers in the community, I make it a priority to give back. Also, there are challenging questions which help sharpen my own skills.

SF: How did you become an SAP Champion? In this role, how do you engage with Community members?

LG: I learned SAP through SCN during the earlier stage of my career and hence, I set a goal to myself to help the community members as much as possible. Currently I take great interest in questions and activities related to SD (Sales & Development), SAP MM (Materials Management), SAP ABAP Development and related.

I know that many of the questions asked are for both the individual, teams, and organizations so I appreciate being able to help them find what they are looking for so that they can move forward with their requirements and achieve successful outcomes.

It reminds me that the community is the sum of many parts. When we help in our own way, it sends a positive ripple effect.

SF: As a self-learner, with 40+ SAP and third-part licenses and certificates for both hard and soft skills, ranging from SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fieldglass to “Expert Insights on Giving and Receiving Feedback” what inspires you to go above and beyond in your learning journey?

LG: It always gives me a great pleasure learning new features of SAP. Having said that, whenever I find time, I access OpenSAP to learn new courses.

I am into the SAP Logistics functional module, to monitor carrier performance, gain greater visibility into supply chains, and provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information about shipments.

Also, very interested in SAP Fieldglass to manage services procurement and external workforce management programs.

Both of these topics are closely related to my profession, and I am exploring them further.

I’m inspired to learn and optimize my skills and expertise as part of a life-long learning journey.

SF: During your career with SAP SD, you have gone from SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Supply Chain Management. When groups or organizations have silos of data (e.g., sales ordering, shipping, billing, invoicing) what are a few examples (or approaches) of how you help identify critical issues (e.g., inaccuracy, gaps, misinformed decisions)?

LG: I have the habit of coordinating with all my colleagues in various projects on a regular basis and interact with them proactively for any challenges or roadblocks they face in a project. When any issue comes to my attention, I pitch in and try to assist them in whatsoever manner I can.

My approach is to address issues as soon as they come up so that they don’t get even bigger. Also, as a team player, I know that when I remove an issue or find a work around that it contributes to the outcome, and it helps my various team achieve success.

Given my experiences with the community I have a platform and network to help get answers!

SF: Career transitions which you went through require change. What advice would you give to students and recent graduates who start with one job or career in mind, but realize they need to make a switch? How can they gain traction in SAP Sales & Distribution or Supply Chain Management related jobs?

LG: My success in the SAP ecosystem is because of my continuous learning and dedication.

Having said that, the one and only mantra I always keep saying to my followers is “self-learning and keep exploring SAP related stuffs, on a regular basis.” Don’t be satisfied with past success!

Set a timeline for each and every learning and try to finish the set goal. Even if one is not able to complete within the stipulated time, keep learning and stay focused. Do not skip the learning practice.

After all, the more you know, and the greater number of experiences, will lead to career success!


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