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With data sources, types and volumes proliferating, the ability to derive value from data has become an important yet complex exercise for companies across industries. Truly harnessing latest data and analytics capabilities requires multiple pieces of a puzzle coming together. Besides investing into latest technology, companies need to upskill their workforce, embrace organizational shifts, establish a supporting data culture, and transform decision making along with operational processes. 

In his latest book “Decisively Digital: From Creating a Culture to Designing Strategy” Alexander Loth, digital strategy thought leader and advisor, disentangles what decision makers need to do in order to reap maximum value out of latest technology capabilities. Amongst his interviewees, Mo Abdel Hadi, SAP’s Vice President for Data Warehousing Product Management and Strategy, shares his perspective on the future of the data-driven business.

Mohamed Abdel Hadi presenting the Decisively Digital book

He explains… 

  • … how modern technology and analytics capabilities do not only affect organizations’ processes but also enable the transformation of business models in both B2C and B2B industries 

  • … how data and analytics-related roles within an organization need to evolve over time and that the clear demarcation between business and IT increasingly blurs – with responsibilities transitioning from the IT to the business departments and LoBs 

  • … why the enterprise data warehouse continues to be an essential element and strategic investment area within many companies’ digital strategies to data 

  • … what the benefits and architectural paradigms of modern cloud-based data solutions such as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud are 

  • … how to best get started best to set up an individual digital strategy for success 

The full interview along with interviews of 23 additional industry leaders is available in the book.