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Use rules instead of custom code or customizing for decision making in the system.
Enable the business users as domain experts to define the rules and apply them instantly.
==> Keep the application stable and still keep the market speed.

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (SAP NetWeaver DSM) supports modeling micro decisions that are relevant for the business in high numbers and with many changes without causing implementation time and system downtime.

TCO Benefits of SAP NetWeaver DSM?

Reduced complexity in code: Simplify process model and put logic in decision services
Fast change cycle: Rapid change cycles for decision services in the hand of the domain experts
High deployment flexibility: No IT involvement, no downtime for adjusting decision services
Improved productivity: Save time for high value tasks like strategic decisions by automating routine tasks with decision services
Extremely low hardware requirement: SAP Netweaver basis for DSM add-on is only design time for decision services
=> Better business results and >90% cost reduction are possible

What is SAP NetWeaver DSM?

SAP NetWeaver DSM is an licensable add-on to SAP NetWeaver that is based on the Business Rules Framework plus (BRFplus) covering the following:
  • Authoring & management of decisions
    Domain experts own and change implemented decisions by modeling the rules and generate the source code for the rule objects in an up-to-date design time system.
  • Deployment & execution
    You deploy the generated code to your managed systems in the productive environment that may be based on a lower release of SAP NetWeaver. The non-disruptive manner allows permanent and incremental decision optimizations.
  • Repository for storage and lifecycle management  
    You have an overview of all decision services in all systems, their deployments and execution logs.

Why using SAP NetWeaver DSM?

  • Implementation of BRFplus-driven rules logic in a system environment as of SAP NetWeaver 2004
  • Central creation of rules and decisions with deployment of one decision service into multiple systems
  • Automated business decisions with full transparency for better decision quality
  • Clear separation of decisions from processes that allows direct and as-off deployment with immediate and planned validity of new decisions services with no downtime = agile but robust systems

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