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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
On May 27, 2021 we had an SAP Community Call where SAP experts provided insights into key processes in SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition (which is generally available as announced in my recent SAP Community blog post).

Watch the Recording


Session Recap

In a nutshell, the session covered the following aspects:

carsten.koehler set the stage by introducing basic facts about SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition. Then, he hosted a live system demo featuring end-to end processes in which his team mates guided the participants step by step through the following processes:

  • First, sabine.stellmacher explained the process of rule creation and management

  • Then sk20 and michael.veth showed a typical request and approval process in central governance

  • After that, Michael explained the typical process flow in loading and consolidating master data

  • And finally, Sabine and Michael guided the audience through a data evaluation and remediation process

During the live demo traffic was high in the parallel Q&A window where the participants could ask related questions. Most of which were directly answered by the SAP product experts as you can hear in the recording. The high number of incoming questions showed us that there is a big interest in the topic. Many questions referred to the added value of using SAP Master Data Goverenance, cloud edition and federated governance. These are also covered (that is, answered) on the FAQ page for SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition.

As always, the SAP Community Call was fully packed with information and time was flying. In the end, there were only a few questions left open, and that's why I'd like to cover these now in this blog post:

  • How is process customization possible in SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition? For example, when we need additional approvers, how can we enhance the current process?

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition delivers some predefined workflow scenarios using BTP workflow service. These workflow definitions can be re-used as template to implement workflow scenarios according to your needs.

  • Does SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition support mass creation through consolidation?

As shown in the live demo, you can load data rom source files and run a consolidation process.

  • Would RPA be used for address checks? 

Address validation and enrichment using SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data is on the short-term roadmap, see SAP Roadmap Explorer. Generally, automation continues to be a driving force for further development.

To stay up to date with what’s going on in master data management and governance, simply follow the SAP Community Topic Page for SAP Master Data Governance and use the Q&A and discussion forum when you have additional questions.