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Dear Diary,

today I am getting back to you, as the Production Guy within our company, in a mood of excitement.

Remember last time I was opening my heart when I spoke about that expensive system, and that the guys from SAP came up with this tool called Process Insights?

Could you imagine my CFO found the diary, and put down his thoughts?

He put pressure on me, but he also 'kicked something loose' within me.

In a moment of experimentation, I took the dataset, and worked some magic on it 🤓.

I wanted to answer a pretty simple question:

  • Do we finish early production when we start early?

  • Do we finish late when we start late?

  • When do we finish when we ignore system suggested data

Here is what I came up with (I confess - again I was using on of the things that this SAP SIGNAVIO brings - it is called 'Process Mining' ( no, we are not digging holes into the ground with shovels - we are examining Process Data. We have fun giving Names to some of the steps, I was told to call these things 'EVENT' ( I like event, such as Concerts - but here we have other events such as : Buying a ticket for the event, travelling to the concert, passing security, enjoying the show, leaving the venue, taking the train, going to bed)...

Now this is what I created:


Let me tell you my take aways before I forget:

  • Our system tells us to produce something ( MRP ) - well we act quick, and create the orders even earlier then required - but - we are just hitting the date ( I think we are working with wrong production time assumptions

  • When we decide to produce something ( I called this MANUAL ), of course we create 'On time' ( there was no proposal), but also here we release the order to production early - argh - but can you see - we sometime deliver late

I know is a bit silly to ask a diary for help, but last time you somehow contacted my CFO - so can you help me again? What should I do?