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Product and Topic Expert
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I have an XS-A server that’s running in hostnames mode.  I have a legit(paid) SSL cert installed on it and things seems to be working except the DB Explorer.


When entering the DB Explorer, I get a message about the server not being able to connect to the socket.  Sorry wording is wrong, I can’t seem to catch it before it is gone.

Anyway, when exploring a table structure, it shows the field definitions, but hangs the Web-IDE (4.0.21) when clicking the “Open Data” button.  It hangs the whole IDE and I have to completely reload it in the browser to get back to functional.

I’ve seen this before and was able to remedy it with the following.

xs set-env hrtt-service WEBSOCKET_ORIGIN '[ "" ]'

However, this isn’t working this time and seems the only really difference is the hostnames routing mode.

The solution is use a wildcard(*) in the WEBSOCKET_ORIGIN.

xs set-env hrtt-service WEBSOCKET_ORIGIN '[ "*" ]'

Please see the following for details.

Or in the docs

16.1 Securing the SAP HANA Database Explorer

Hope this post helps others find the solution more quickly.