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As SAPPHIRE comes to a roaring close, many will return to their hotels tonight satisfied...optimisitic..intriguied...reenergized...and most likely exhausted.  There's a ton of action during this 3 day event and surely you preemptively mission planned to maximizing every minute, right?  It's impossible to see/learn/listen to everything, talk to everyone and still keep up on the supersonic social media world (and yes #SAPPHIRENOW was trending for the 3rd day in a row).  So in hopes of simplifying, here's your Day 3 Cliffs Notes on the top customer tweets.  Feel free to reply with more and don't forget to check out yesterday's blog as well.

What makes a tweet “Top 5 worthy" you ask?

To become a Tweet Week Hero, simply provide something of value:

  1. Customer Stories
  2. Fun Facts
  3. Latest News
  4. Feel Good Articles
  5. Visionary Pieces

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