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Product and Topic Expert
Technology can help businesses run more efficiently, increase flexibility, reduce costs, even open new revenue streams all while making the world a better place. The same technology that increases supply-chain visibility or enables predictive maintenance on a factory floor can help increase access to clean water, improve air quality, and promote sustainability.

FARYS, a nearly 100-year-old Belgian company, is doing just that. FARYS offers a wide range of services to municipalities in the region. Those include the production and distribution of drinking water; water safety monitoring; wastewater transportation and management; and the facilitation and management of more than 80 swimming pools and sport facilities.

In response to a pending legislation on smart metering, FARYS worked with Capgemini and SAP to design and implement a cloud-based water metering platform. The platform has the capability to capture, process, and analyze data to drive insights on sustainability, efficiency, and more.

Access to clean water is just one example of a global problem in need of technological solutions. FARYS and Capgemini’s example shows how the right technology can serve business goals and humanitarian ones at the same time.

Smart Technology for Sustainability… and More

Our latest installment in the SAP Better Together: Customer Conversations series will explore the journey that led FARYS and Capgemini to build the smart water solution. We’ll discuss how the technology works and what benefits it holds for the business, citizens, and communities that FARYS serves.

In the city of Flanders, there’s pending legislation that requires smart meters for water companies. This imperative drove FARYS to collaborate with the city’s other water companies to develop a shared solution that serves everyone in a scalable, sustainable way.

With smart metering in place, FARYS will have the data on hand to promote efficiency, encourage their customers to use water wisely, and make sure clean water is readily available to all.

What’s more, FARYS and Capgemini have integrated smart metering into a platform that provides the IT infrastructure for further integration and innovation. They’re now equipped to streamline operations, improve relationships with customers, and deliver clean water to residents for generations to come.

It’s an inspiring story with global ramifications: It handily illustrates how we can put technology to work on business goals and societal initiatives at the same time.

Hear the Conversation

For this episode, we’re joined by Inge Opreel, Directemanager ICT, FARYS, and Kevin De Wilde, Project Manager, Capgemini. They discuss the particular challenges of the project, from local regulation to collaborating with companies that otherwise might be considered competitors.

Join us for the thought leadership podcast and the LinkedIn conversation on the customer experience:

  • Podcast: Host Tamara McCleary, CEO, Thulium, talks to Inge and Kevin about the broader context of technology and sustainability that is driving businesses to these solutions, as well as the human side of how this innovation is affecting their customers, and the world at large.

  • LinkedIn Conversation: I talk with Inge and Kevin about the practical implementation of the project and the results that they’ve seen so far, as well as their plans for the future.

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Register at to check out the podcast and the LinkedIn session. And remember, I’m always looking for feedback! Let me know topics you’d like to hear about and suggest questions we should be asking. You can also contact us if you’d like to be a guest on an episode.

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