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I have got multiple queries from various forums around how we are planning to support UDT and MSU connectivity in future. I have compiled below, our approach towards these going forward – from both BI 4.1 SPs as well as upcoming BI 4.2 release perspective.

Universe Designer Tool (UDT):

As you all know, UDT is used for creating new UNVs based on various supported data sources. Starting from SAP BI 4.x, we additionally ship Information Designer Tool (IDT) as part of the SAP BI product suite, which helps users to create multi-dimensional universes namely UNXs. IDT and UNX combination is forward looking and have advanced features/enhancements.

While users can open UNVs from IDT and convert existing UNVs to UNX format, user can continue to use UDT for creating new UNVs on the supported Data sources.

However, going forward in BI 4.x releases:

  • We will continue support UDT mandatorily for DBs/Sources which are supported in BI 3.1 version, to make sure there is no regression in the upgrade scenario
  • Newer versions of these DBs (if introduced by the vendor) will be tested and certified for UDT.
  • UDT will not be certified for the new data sources which got/being introduced newly in BI 4.x release.   
  • Current / Latest status of UDT support is upto-date and can be found here in Product Availability Matrix (PAM) - under UNV column.


Customer is using Oracle 10g as database for his UNV created using UDT as part of BI 3.1/BI 4.0.

  • Future Oracle versions will continue to be supported in UDT (as part of BI 4.1 / BI 4.2) – so that customer can seamlessly migrate.
  • Data sources which are/will be new in BI 4.1 / BI 4.2 (like Hadoop Hive, Amazon Redshift etc.) – will not have UDT support.

Multi Source Universe (MSU):

Going forward MSU will be tested and certified against Top 6 DB / datasources only, including SAP HANA and SAP BW (Teradata 15, Oracle, MSSQL, Progress, SAP HANA, SAP BW).

For other datasources, MSU support will only be considered based on a business case or customer request.  We will add the support with a justified request – through FPs or SPs, based on the priority.

Current status of MSU support for various data sources are upto-date in Product Availability Matrix (PAM).