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Data Readiness Monitoring

Data readiness monitoring in SAP Solution Manager provides you with the overview of whether the data is available at the intended time.

Parameters for Data readiness :

Currently, the following parameters are considered in identifying the data readiness -

  • Status of the job

  • Age of the last successful run

  • Date and Time of the check (Also called as SLA - Service Level Agreement )

  • No of successful runs to be considered


The configuration can be launched from

Fiori Launch Pad->SAP Manager Manager : Configuration -> Configuration All Scenarios. Navigate to Application Operations-> SAP HANA & BI Monitoring -> Data Readiness.

Step 1 provides you with the overview of configuration

Step 2 is necessary to check the infrastructure and complete the pre-requisites.

Step 3 creates the standard users for using the data readiness monitoring.

Step 4 is the Define scope step you create a new scenario and associate the different monitoring objects.

The following actions are allowed in Step 4 Define Scope :


The CREATE action will Add a new scenario. It's also possible to associate this scenario with a GROUP which can be a logical collection of scenarios.

The Data readiness can be set-up either for the current status or Status level Agreement as indicated below-

  • Current Status - The availability of the scenario at any given point in time.

  • Service Level Agreement(SLA)  - The availability of the scenario based on date and time.

The following values are used for evaluating the data readiness -

  1. The Service Level Agreement can be further based on the recurrence pattern of - Daily, Weekly and Monthly that allows different possibilities of setting the ranges.

  2. Different types of Monitoring Objects can be assigned to the DRM Scenario from either Job monitoring, BI monitoring or Business Process Contexts.

  3. The time to consider for data readiness(Look back time),

  4. Whether to consider the number of successful runs or last run in the evaluation.


The activate action will trigger the data collection for the configured DRM scenario.


The deactivate action will stop the data collection for an already activated DRM scenario. No more values will be reported on the monitoring screen.


The Delete action will deactivate and delete an existing DRM scenario.


Monitoring :

The Data readiness monitoring is integrated as part of the BI monitoring screen. This means that there is no separate application for DRM, but the monitoring is part of BI monitoring application.

You can launch Data readiness monitoring application from two places

  • Fiori Launchpad - HANA and BI monitoring -> On Launch select a DRM scenario from context selector

  • Work centre -  Go to System and Application Monitoring Work centre -> Navigate to the view 'HANA and BI monitoring '. Navigate to tab 'All DRM Scenarios'. Select one of the scenarios and Click on Data readiness Monitor button.

    •  Note the query already has the rated information of Current status, Service level agreement and First availability per scenario.


The monitoring application shows the number of monitoring objects, the number of systems involved and the summarization of different statuses per rating.

  • Every row in the detailed monitor indicates one of the following

    • Current status - The status of the configured scenario at the particular run of the data collector run

    • SLA status - The rating to indicate whether the service level agreement has been met or not against the information that was set up in configuration.

    • First availability - The information on when the scenarios have all the monitoring objects turning GREEN. In other words, when the data was first available for use(or reporting).

  • It is possible to filter and sort the overview information based on the different parameters

  • The detailed information for each of the statuses shows the information about the different monitoring objects that are part of the scenario and when the data was first available for use.

  • It is possible to overwrite the ratings of the system that are calculated by the system. For example: When the system is down. In this case, the comments and the details of the user are displayed as additional information.


Analytics for the Data Readiness Monioring has charts available for -

  • First Availablity for the selected Scenario(s).

  • Service Level Agreement for the selected Scenario(s) or Groups.