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Analyzing your supplier performance without punctuality or carbon emission data? Evaluating the competitiveness of your employer’s brand without benchmark data?
Assessing market attractiveness without potential data on suitable granularity? Sensing consumer trends and innovations ahead of the competition based on mindshare?

A modern enterprise data platform requires you to gain an outside-in perspective and actively include your ecosystem for confident decisions on a holistic decision foundation.
This need is reflected by the increasing amount of relevant external data sources that customers use and the importance of their availability on data platforms in the purchasing decision. This goes in line with the tremendous growth of the data provider landscape as well as the increased number of companies that engage in cross-company data sharing scenarios.

Unlocking these opportunities in the past meant setting up expensive and long-lasting projects that often failed to meet the expectations and timelines. From cumbersome interaction with flat files to the inability of operating numerous APIs across the company – the opposed responsibility for the customers to integrate these valuable data assets leaves high-value data assets unadopted. This changes with a new way to find, access and use external data in your corporate data and analytics use cases.

The data marketplace will be enabled in all SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Tenants from Q4, 2021 – without any additional license costs. You will be enabled to directly use external assets inside SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in combination with your other external and internal data assets for enterprise reporting and planning use cases. In addition, through the openness of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can use the data wherever you need it across your organization– but ensure governance and scalability through one central inbound channel.

As a data provider, you benefit from the unique opportunity to offer your customers a standardized deployment of your data assets in their SAP landscape on their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise via the Data Sharing Cockpit. Represent your offerings with the relevant, data-specific marketing mix – from use case over sample data to trial definition to win new users for your data products. Deliver your data products in an enterprise-grade fashion and at an unparallel scale through publishing and versioning processes. You handle the commercials with your data consumer and leverage the in-built license management to handle access to your products. Enabling you to tap into SAP’s ecosystem across various industries, processes, and use cases.

Find the currently listed data providers for the BETA program in the list below and check out their offering before even accessing the data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.


Your Data Provider is not listed yet? To make sure we onboard the right data providers for the required use case we kickstarted a partnership with Datarade – the world’s biggest Data Commerce platform that lists more than 2,000 Data Providers. Check out their website to search for relevant data providers and let us know if you would like to see a specific one on the Data Marketplace – the Datarade team will leverage their network to make it happen.

You want to get started with the data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud? The data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud restricted beta starts mid of July 2021 and the general availability is planned for the fourth quarter 2021. Customers that want to consume from the above-listed data providers shall contact the Data Marketplace team to check the feasibility of their desired use case. An existing relationship (contract or ongoing sales cycle) with the data provider significantly eases the feasibility of a beta execution. Customers that want to consume data from data providers that are not listed need to ensure the commitment of their specific data provider. The Data Marketplace Team is happy to give an intro and explain the rules of engagement.

Check out the Data Marketplace Website on In case you want to check out the functionality of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in general, sign up for a free trial right here. If you want to learn about the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud overall and Data Marketplace specifically Roadmap, check out the Roadmap Explorer.

This blog in 60 seconds:

  • With the introduction of the Data Marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, users are enabled to easily work with external data in an enterprise-grade fashion – with a clear focus on harmonizing these data assets with other ones for analytical use cases.

  • Data Providers benefit from a strong toolset to list, license, publish & deliver data in a central or decentral setup based on the Data Product and Use Case at hand

  • Any SAP Data Warehouse Cloud customer can turn into a Data Provider and start to sharing & monetize their data assets with their existing or new stakeholder

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