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This is quick compilation of the Data Geek III Challenge Submissions. Just thought it may be easier to see these in one quick and easy lookup table.

For more info about the Challenge, see DataGeek III: Thrones of Data and DataGeek III: How to Join.

More than likely I am missing a number of submittals as these can also be done elsewhere. If I have missed your submission, please add a comment with your Challenge title and link. I will add your creation to this table. We'd all love to see it!

For a really cool vid see:

SAP DataGeek III - Thrones of Data - YouTube

Data Geek III Challenge - Collation of Submissions
Leading Automobile Manufacturing Companies and Countries
Data Geek III: GigaCon Big Data survey results
Data Geek III - Analysis of Delays on Chicago Buses
Data Geek III: "Gender and Salary"
DATA GEEK CHALLENGE III - Labour Force Participation
Data Geek III – House of Titans : The top European soccer leagues
Data Geek Challenge III - Analyzing World's Top 500 Billionaire's
Data Geek Challenge III : Natural Disasters
Data Geek Challenge III - Analyzing ATP and WTA tennis statistics of Top 5 Players
Data Geek Challenge III - Analyzing a Novel Dataset
Data Geek III: "Human Capital Management Analysis"
DataGeek III Challenge: Accident Analysis in India 2003-2011Data Geek III Challenge - Superheroes in SAP Lumira
Unveiling the concepts of a machined bird and it’s behavior in air – Analyzed using the Power of SAP...
DataGeeK III:Educational Institutions Analysis in India
Data Geek III - Crime and Census Data for England and Wales
Data Geek Challenge - Analysing popular Internet Service Providers in India using SAP Lumira
Data Geek III : "Socio-Economic Analysis" on World Bank's Live Data
DataGeek III Challenge: Accident Analysis in India 2003-2011
DataGeek III Challenge - Phillip Hughes Cricket Statistics (A tribute to him)
Data Geek III - Analyzing on Utilization of Lift / Elevator
Data Geek Challenge III - Analyzing a Novel Dataset
Data Geek Challenge III - Who wants to be the next President of the United States of America?
WTA Top 30 Singles Analysis
Data Geek III - Analyzing Crimes against Women in India
DataGeek III Challenge: Indian general election 2014
Final Four of Men Volleyball World Championship 2014
Road Accidents in India - Insights with SAP Lumira
Data Geek III - Analyzing Road Accidents in India
WTA Top 30 Singles Analysis
Creating awareness about air pollution in Australia using SAP Lumira
Data Geek Challenge - To Ananlyze the Cause of Road Accidents in India
Data Geek Challenge III - Data about Sachin
Data Geek III - Analyzing Crimes against Women in India
Data Geek Challenge III: Swach Bharath
SAP Lumira Extension: Google Maps
Analyzing Flight Cancellations With SAP Lumira
DataGeek III Challenge: Formula 1 Statistics
Datageek III challenge 2014: Dutch Government expenditure
SAP Lumira – Geek Tweaks: Customizing visualization properties in SAP Lumira
Data Geek III Challenge-Cricket World Cup Analysis
DataGeek III: Healthcare Finances and Volumes
Lumira Dataset: Bus Tracker from the Chicago Transit Authority
DataGeek III: Demographic trends in Croatia - Insights with SAP Lumira
SAP Lumira Cloud Example - Cycling Season 2014 - DGIII
Data Geek III Challenge: 2014 Ebola outbreak Analysis
Data Geek III - Space Shuttle Missions in years 2020 - 2030 Analytics with SAP Lumira
Data Geek Challenge - SAP Lumira - Co2 emissions by country
Data Geek Challenge III: Friendly's Foods - An Analysis of Their Manufacturing & Distribution Compan...
Data Geek III - The universities continue
Improving Local Health Clinic Experience - Data Geek Challenge
Data Geek III Challenge = OECD Better Life Index
Data Geek III Challenge - CO2 emission by country
Data Geek III Challenge – Charitable Donations in Australia
Visualize Indonesia Population 2007 to 2012 in City and Village as Data Geek III Entry
Data Geek III Challenge - Analysing PAC 2 - Government Project
Data Geek III - Where should I send my children (if I had any)?
Data Geek III - Analysing Accidental Deaths in India - 2013
Analysis of Smartphone User's : DataGeek III
Ebola Outbreak 2014 - Thrones of Data - Data Geek III
Data Geek III Challenge - Analysing Government Expenses and Investments
Analyzing World Largest Railway Network with help of SAP Lumira: Data Geek III Challenge
Data Geek III: What TV Show(s) I Should Start Watching! (HoT)
Analysis of Countries with High-Temperature Records in 2013 : DataGeek III
Analysis of Demographic Indicators for Top 10 Strong States, 2012: DataGeek III
Analysis of Geothermal Electricity-Generating Capacity in Leading Countries, 2013 :DataGeek III
DataGeek III: Analyzing Spanish Football League 2013/14 using SAP Lumira
DataGeek III is Here: Claim the Throne of Lumira
A Lumira Extension To Acquire Twitter Data!!!