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Brazil has a particular variety of famous agriculture products like Coffee, Sugarcane, Soy, Meat and Corn. São Paulo is a large Sugarcane producer, but also is the largest Orange world producer. IBGE is a brazilian organization that collects and provides public information about how much is beeing planted, what is the size of the farms and product varieties (for obvious reasons, this data is in Portuguese only).

There is a video I got from BASF, made as a tribute to Brazilian Farmers, and I include a personal joy with it by beeing part of a cattle-raising farmers family.

I got some data from  IBGE ( and made a simple SAP LUMIRA query (in few minutes) to explore more than a 100.000 records.

Considering permanent cultures In South-eastern region, the most industrialized Brazilian area Coffee and Orange (excluding Sugarcane and Soy, which are temporary culture, not considered in this analysis) production have the domain over Banana and Lemon:

In the following screen we can see the production distribution over the country considering the property type of ownership (if is a land owner, a rental property or some kind of partnership, which is quite common in Brazil):

IIn the next screen I excluded properties owned by farmers and it shows us that hetereogeneous culture is prominent for smaller farm administrators and partners:

Looking at a different datasets, with a larger subset of cultures, is possibel to see how temporary and permanent cultures split play the game with cattle-raising. It´s also possible to see that cattle raising is prominent in Southern Regions.

Hope you enjoy it !