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Organizations talk about having a data-driven culture, but it is difficult to achieve without first implementing a data-driven strategy.  A data-driven strategy is the prioritization of both context and richness of all data coupled with technology that enables the whole organization to accurately curate the data and make decisions.  With SAP data and analytics solutions, organizations can maximize the value of data and enable trusted, well governed insights across the enterprise.

Many changes in the past few years have stressed the importance of embracing a data-driven strategy including; distributed workforces, supply chain challenges, economic factors, and more. These global challenges have underscored the impact a data-driven strategy can have on an organizations ability to weather a storm or be left behind.

SAP understands that each data and analytics environment is unique.  Whether your organization is focused on centralizing or decentralizing your environment or a hybrid of both, SAP data and analytics solutions embrace your strategy and focus on the data, especially core application data.  Unlike other vendors, SAP data and analytics maintains the context of SAP data, allowing users to get maximum value out of that data to drive the most impactful business decisions. SAP data can be enriched with any 3rd party data virtually on an open, modern data stack that delivers trusted insights. And, because SAP data and analytics includes planning capabilities, insights and predictions can be quickly transformed into action plans that are extended across the enterprise, bringing finance and operations into alignment.

Interested to learn more about how SAP data and analytics solutions work to create a data-first approach?  Check out the SAP data and analytics guided experience, an easy and quick way to explore key features and functionality that will enable you and your business users to access, manage and use data from anywhere to achieve data-driven insights.

The SAP data and analytics guided experience provides a richer onboarding experience that takes you through setting up a user workspace, managing the space, connecting to data and visualizing insights.  Currently there are 4 key components to the journey:

  • Exploring features and functionality in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Importing a flat file

  • Creating a data model

  • Creating a graphical view

Here is what the guided experience environment looks like.  You are experiencing the real interface of the SAP data and analytics solutions and given a guide on what to click on, upload, and more.

Guided Experience Window

Take advantage of the free guided trial experience and get access at once!

What are you waiting for? It is the fastest and easiest way to experience how SAP data and analytics solutions will improve your business’ ability to give data purpose and transform your data strategy.  Begin your guided experience now!

To learn more about SAP data and analytics solutions, check out the solutions summary page.