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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides two frameworks to create and display powerful Dashboards for the IT and the business:

  • Dashboard Builder.

  • Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager.

The Dashboard Builder and Focused insights complement the Application-specific Dashboards available for each SAP Solution Manager area or scenario.



The combination of those two components in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 offers a complete dashboard solution for:

  • Simple usability and deployment,

  • for cross-scenario support and integrated views,

  • with appealing user interfaces with mobile support.

  • designed to support operations and management of SAP Solutions for Operations and Innovation Control Centers.


What is the Dashboard Builder?

The Dashboard Builder is a browser-based tool included as standard in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. It enables you to quickly create tile-based dashboards in order to visualise data for analysis.

Please check this blog to get more information on Dashboard Builder.


What is Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager?

Focused Insights is turnkey solution based on SAP Solution Manager made for immediate consumption. Focused Solutions are ready-to-run, highly integrated, pre-configured, and automated.

With Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager you can build and distribute powerful customer-specific dashboards in minutes using state-of-the-art user experience.

Please check this blog to get more information on Focused Insights.

Online demo are accessible here:


Key Differentiator

Dashboard builder is an open infrastructure when you can compile KPIs from the SAP KPI catalog. You need to know what you want to assemble.

Focused Insights is best practice and model based. Based on 7 best practice models for OCCs, you can quickly assemble and configure your personal dashboard.



Focused Insights and Dashboard Builder provides real-time visibility and transparency on application metrics and business indicators for your SAP Solution and your SAP processes.

It enables SAP basis administrators and business key users to build the perfect reporting and monitoring content with all relevant data needed for their teams and their organizations.

Focused Insights has been designed to support cross-scenario dashboard to aggregate, unify and correlate different sources into single charts. It supports three different dashboard use-cases: Operation, Governance, and Strategic .

The Dashboard Builder is used to support multi-scenario dashboard with powerful drill-down capabilities to access and display all SAP Solution Manager BI data.


Key Features

Focused Solutions Dashboard Builder
Delivery SAP Solution Manager Add-on ST-OST SAP Solution Manager standard.

UI Technology

SAPUI5-based SAPUI5-based
 Data Sources BW Query
Bex Views
System Monitoring
Business Process Monitoring
Interface Connection Monitoring
Business Process Analysis
MAI Alerting
Custom Code Management
Solution Documentation (Process Management)
End User Experience
Data Volume Management
Test Suite
Focused Build
Cross Data Base Comparison
Configuration Validation (Security)
Focused Run Alerts
Transaction (STAD)
Jobs (JSM)
Code Quality (ATC)
KPI Catalog
BW Query
Fonction Module
Business Process Monitoring
Business Process Analysis

Tile based for cross-scenario aggregation.

Multiple KPIs can be combined into a single graph.

Focused Insights delivers dedicated metrics catalog for all SAP Solution Manager scenario.

Metrics are consumed by four main views: history, trend, service level and score card.

Jump-in capabilities to SAP Solution Manager expert tools is provided.

Tile-based dashboard for multi-scenario visualisation.

Each tile is associated to a single KPI.

Standard tiles based on KPI catalog are provided.

Custom tiles based on supported data sources.

Drill-down views can be associated to each tile.
Graphical Libraries

Trend Single scale: Line ChartLine-Column Chart

Trend Double scale: Dual Line ChartDual Line-Column Chart

Trend Table: History TableTrend Table

Comparison: Column ChartBar ChartDual Bar chartStack Bar/Column Chart

Distribution: Cluster Stack Column Chart (2 Labels)Pie ChartDonut ChartWaterfall ChartBubble Chart

Compliance: SLRSLR Table

Table: Dynamic TableAlert Table

Micro chart: Line, Column, Comparison

Single scale: Number Line, Bar, Column, Pie Chart,

Double scale: Combination

Stack chart: Bar Chart, Column Chart.

Table Chart: Table Chart

Smart View support for drilldown
Pre-packaged  content

Dashboards models (pre-configured content) for different dashboards use-cases:


  • Merge different alerting sources in a combined view modeling service’s organization.

Operation Control Center:

  • Unify and correlate different sources of data into a single chart.

Service Level Reporting:

  • Provide Service Level compliance reporting capabilities to get transparency on IT Processes.


  • Report the status and the trends for SAP Solutions


  • Track and report project's progress based on indicators compliance and quality gates.

IT Scorecard

  • Demonstrate and control the value of SAP services.

Application Performance

  • Measure and report on their SAP Application Performance.

  • Detect and diagnose application performance problems.

Templates for main SAP Solution Manager areas:


Generic Templates

  • Tile-based Template

Application Operations

  • Availability

  • Performance

  • User Experience

IT Service Management

  • IT Service Management Analytics

  • IT Service and Change Management Dashboard

  • Service Order Analytics

  • Service Request Analytics

Project Management

  • Project Analytics - 360 Degree

  • Project Analytics – Standard

Change Management

  • Change Control Management Analytics

Cross Applications

  • SAP Solution Manager Usage