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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
If your company is like most, you’ve already deployed SAP applications, such as our Customer Experience (CX), Human Experience Management (HXM) Digital Supply Chain (DSC), or Intelligent Spend Management (ISM) solutions, as part of your digitalization initiatives. To thrive in dynamic conditions, however, you also need to increase your enterprise’s agility and resilience. These applications provide a proven framework for adopting industry best practices, and they can significantly increase productivity and speed. Yet, while SAP LOB solutions come ready-to-use, every company has distinct requirements on their business outcomes, and the solutions they adopt to get there.

How can we ensure that all applications are easy to use and that they support your business processes end to end, even across complex system landscapes? Knowing that a connected, integrated data landscape offers near limitless potential for improving business outcomes, SAP created an open, integrated, business-centric platform that is both on-premises and cloud-native, and brings together capabilities across database and data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) was built for the SAP customer. It’s the one platform that provides their businesses with the capabilities to not only integrate, but to truly extend, and achieve data excellence with their solutions. It infuses an organization’s business landscape with the highest levels of intelligence, integration, and innovation, keeping them agile and future-proof.

SAP BTP can help our customers to get the most value out of their LOB applications in three overarching ways:

  • Refine and enhance business operations by connecting processes, data, and experiences across SAP and third-party solutions with our integration capabilities.

  • Perform all necessary steps to make sense of data in a business context, from anywhere in the organization with our analytics solutions.

  • With our extensibility technology, be empowered to build, extend, and enhance SAP applications according to their needs and without disrupting their core.

See how our customers benefit from utilizing SAP BTP with their LOB solutions:

SAP BTP for HXM: In a rapidly changing HR landscape, it has never been so important to focus on your people. You must empower employees to work in a more agile manner by helping ensure they have the right information at their fingertips and by automating manual processes across disparate solutions. HR and people engagement play a key role in the organization’s success through cohesive experiences that improve engagement. With SAP BTP, you can link people strategies to business priorities and gain full organizational visibility into talent and related finances, while business analytics drive the day-to-day and long-term decision making.

SAP BTP for CX: Simply meeting customers’ needs is no longer enough. To stand out from your competition, you need to deliver even more than they expect. You must achieve an in-depth understanding of your customers and enable effective and consistent engagement at every touch point. With SAP BTP, you can extend SAP CX solutions to tailor your service and sales processes to meet your precise requirements, while responding to customer needs in a more agile way. You can also access the latest technological innovations and use prebuilt applications from SAP's partner ecosystem to get started quickly.

SAP BTP for DSC: A lack of insight into the supply chain increases risk and costs to your business. Supply chain and logistics issues can impact every phase of your company and negatively impact customer experience. The digital supply chain plays a key role in the success of an intelligent enterprise, with the customer at the center of the business. With full transparency across networks using SAP BTP, you can improve reliability and performance. You can sense and respond to changing conditions by using embedded AI and real-time insights from smart products and services.

SAP BTP for ISM: With increasingly complex network collaboration requirements for intelligent spend processes, finance, procurement, supply chain, and IT leaders must work together more closely to tackle business challenges. However, siloed data means finance professionals are not able to accurately measure business performance, working with outdated planning tools and processes. With SAP BTP, you can improve decision making, control, and efficiency company-wide by embedding intelligent technologies and analytics across global spend processes. Enable procurement teams to adapt processes to their own needs, and deliver comprehensive compliance and supplier management by capturing spend data from all sources.

SAP BTP is essential for the SAP customer because we've built in everything you need to accelerate development and achieve faster time to value. It contains all the intelligence, analytics, business content, processes, workflows, integrations, automation, and innovation: all the end-to-end tools needed to achieve significant impact for the business and to stay future-proof. SAP has the next generation business solutions for the intelligent enterprise, and the underlying platform to optimize how it all runs together.

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