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Content marketing is a hot topic these days. And it’s not because creating content has become easy, or cheap, or a quick way for companies to win new customers. In fact, the opposite is true. Content marketing has become very hard.

Attention competition has skyrocketed.

More than four billion pieces of content are pumped out daily to an audience that has about the same attention span as a litter of puppies. People are up to their eyeballs in content they can’t remember and every day it gets harder to get them to sit and stay.

The quality and authenticity of the story are key.

Brands are investing heavily in journalistic storytelling, beautiful imagery, and immersive experiences to generate compelling content that will capture the hearts and minds of their audience. 

Some companies sell products that make it easier to create content that touches on our emotions. Others don’t have it so easy and have to work much harder. Either way, the content and messaging needs to be genuine, relevant, and easy for the target audience to consume, anytime and anywhere.

Stories that transcend product are the most successful.

Brands like Dove and GoPro are highly successful at content marketing because they produce content, and curate user generated content, that awakens our emotions and extends way beyond their products.

Product quality and features is not the story.

These brands expose the greatness and beauty of their customers. They represent a cause, a lifestyle and something that people can be a part of, believe in, and share.

Building credibility is also effective.

For many B2B companies, tapping into emotions is often difficult or doesn’t make sense. Their sales cycle is usually more complicated and lengthy with higher costs and risks.

A good content strategy for B2B companies is to focus on customer success and impact.

Creating authentic content that highlights the achievements of their customers and the positive impact they make will build credibility, increase brand awareness, and be useful assets for the sales team.

A good example of this content approach is SAP’s new Customer Journey app. It’s a visually enticing collection of videos, images, articles, and illustrations that showcases the success of SAP’s customers from around the world.

Each Customer Journey tells the tale of how a company has digitally transformed its business to overcome its toughest challenges and deliver a better customer experience. Check it out. Download it here on iTunes.



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