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In my article Thing-Based UIs and Custom Solutions in Cloud for CustomerThing-Based UIs and Custom Solutions in Cloud for Customer I have introduced the Customer OnDemand UI (technically called “thing-based UI”) and shown the differences to the UI of SAP Business ByDesign (OBN-based UI). I mentioned that thing-based UIs run also on the iPad. This time I want to come back to this point and write about some details.

Let´s start with the Event Management demo app that I introduced in "Event Management" Solution Template. The UIs of the demo app are completely thing-based and they run on the iPad. There are only 2 things that you need:

  • Download the iPad app from the Apple app store: “SAP Customer OnDemand for the iPad”
  • Tag the floorplans with the tag Device = Tablet in the UI designer

Here we go, this is how the event management app looks on the iPad:

Figure: Object Work List for Custom Object

Figure: Quick Create for a Custom Object

Figure: Using Custom Objects in Feed

Figure: Using Flags/Favorites for Custom Object


Figure: Custom Object

s in Enterprise Search

Figure: Reporting on Custom Object

You can use custom reports also on the SAP Customer Insight app that you also find on the Apple app store:

Figure: Using Custom Object Reports in the Customer Insight

Compare the screenshots with the screenshots in "Event Management" Solution Template"Event Management" Solution Template taken from the web browser. They show the same UI floorplans. 

As you can see, you can use the same floorplans for browser and iPad rendering.

There are at the time being some limitations for UIs on the iPad:

  1. Master-detail view in thing inspector lists
  2. Multi-selection of items in thing inspector lists
  3. Additional actions other than Add/Remove in thing inspector lists
  4. Frontend script
  5. Section groups in think header region
  6. Special controls such as GANTT chart, etc.
  7. Data mash-ups
  8. Embedded Analytics in the thing inspector
  9. Limitation to one UI pane in an embedded component
  10. Custom work center views cannot be grouped into work centers (they show up as "flat list" below SAP-delivered work centers)

  11. Custom icons for custom objects (custom objects are always shown with the "folder" icon)

  12. Offline feature for custom objects