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Previous step: Building a reusable selection component

In this text we want to edit the previous solution, such that we activate the selection for different inputs and get different lists. Nevertheless, the Data Service is executed only once: a Filter is applied on the cached dataset so we get only the desired records.

Start by editing the selection component:

1. Edit the interface: Add a field to allow city selection to in1 input Port.
2. Add a new Signal In element called in2:

3. Add a Filter Operator between the banks Data Share and the Table view.
4. Define the condition as below to show only banks with the same city as passed in the in1 Port. Use *in2 as the event to continue the flow to the Filter.

5. Back in the main model, open the Redefine Ports dialog on the Component. Check both the new city field and the in2 port.

6. Press OK and on the Apply Changes dialog check the “Add or remove corresponding controls” option and press Yes. As a result a city field and control were added to the Form View, and a field assign added to the Data Map link.

7. Add another Custom Action to the button:

8. Add a new link between the Form View and the in2 input Port, use the new “filter” Action as the event.