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There are cases where we might want to design our own selection window:
• We want to show a more complex view for the selection that includes one or more elements like Forms, Tables.
• Performance - in case the same selection is used several times we want to cache it and use the cache so we only call the backend once (For modeling cache for a dropdown see: Advanced Modeling - Dynamic Entry List with cache)

Run-time application showing selection using a Popup and Table:

1. Model the activation of the Data Service, and saving the results in a table.
2. Add a Popup element and move the table into it:

3. Add a Form View element and add a field to it (this field will be used for the selected value):

4. In the Layout Board, add a Button to the form, and an action (this will open the selection Popup):

5. You could give the layout a nicer look. Add a Melting Group control and move both the Input and the Button into it. You could also change the text property of the button:

6. Back in the Design Board, add a Transition link from the Form View to the popup.

7. Choose the Action you defined on the Button as the link event.

8. Select the Popup and go to the Layout Board. It now shows the layout of the popup.

9. Define the action on the OK Button. Add an Assign action to copy the selected value from the Popup Table View to the Form input:

Next step: Allow reuse of the selection behavior over different models.