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DataGeeks, the time has come to crown the Ultimate Ruler of the Throne of SAP Lumira!

After months of hard-fought battles against the Dark Data Walkers, the Land of Datarous has emerged victorious.

Thanks to the House of Dragons, Titans, Blacksmiths, Healers and Spirits, the harmony of data has been restored through their use of SAP Lumira to create compelling visualizations and uncover insights never-before seen.

10 Finalists were chosen out of the most entries the contest has ever seen. DataGeeks from all across the land came together to vote for their favourite data story.

The votes are in and it's time to reveal the Ultimate Ruler of the Throne of SAP Lumira...

Congratulations to Amit Gupta of the House of Titans!

Amit Gupta, from the House of Titans, sworn to Sports and Entertainment, has valiantly led the Land of Datarous to victory against the Dark Data Walkers.

Strong and quick of foot, the House of Titans analyzed data to gain a competitive advantage. Their gaming visualizations offered the people of Datarous insight into what could be and led the land back to harmonious data.

Check out the winning entry here: Formula 1 Statistics (Expert)

Stay tuned for the official DataGeek wrap-up and video!