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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The creator spotlight series highlights success stories from our global no-code community. Do you have an SAP AppGyver project you’d like us to feature? Reach out or comment on this post.

Imagine having an app that gives you real-time COVID-19 information for every location you are visiting. That is exactly what you will benefit from the COVO App created by sudhakarjha1. Jha is a former full-stack developer, but presently works in an architectural role and has participated in our ongoing #SAPLowCodeNoCodeChallenge by creating his COVO app with AppGyver. This app provides live statistics and data about COVID-19 cases per the location selected by the user. We spent a few minutes speaking with him and we are happy to share his experience with you. Enjoy reading...

Creator: Sudhakar Jha

Profession: Senior Architect

Company: Nsight Inc

Location: Gurugram, India

Solution: COVO


Creating your COVID-19 app was your first-time diving into AppGyver. What was the highlight of the process for you?

For me, the highlight was the logic building element. SAP AppGyver was really amazing, not only because of how easy it was to build the UI, but because we could build the logic at the same time with just few connectors, and we have a visual to show us how the data flows, which I really like. The second thing I liked is that we could deploy our app right away and the app could be accessed through direct links to Android and iOS versions.


Do you think other developers could adapt SAP AppGyver into their workflows?
Yes, definitely, since it makes it possible to spin up an app easily instead of having to build everything from scratch, and we can build things with quick turnaround times. So, I definitely recommend that everyone explore SAP AppGyver, whether they’re a business user or a pro developer. It’s a great tool.


Any tips or best practices for citizen developers as they get started?

SAP AppGyver can truly empower citizen developers. Instead of having to go through a lengthy process of trying to explain their challenges and then waiting for the IT team to come up with a solution, they can use SAP AppGyver to solve many of their own problems.
Business users can learn the basic application with one week of training, and once they learn it, they can create apps to automate a lot of their work, which not only helps them, but their team members as well. Of course, if they need help at any point along the way as they automate this or that process, the IT team can step in.

The COVO App and features

It can be a big shift from being a business expert to someone who creates an application, as you need to think in terms of logic and processes. Do you have any insights or advice on how to cultivate this mindset?

I would say start small, because when someone comes from a non-technical background, they sometimes think everything is too technical for them. But just as they have learned to use lots of different software and can actively participate on various platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook and so on, they can learn to use AppGyver and develop a mindset that takes into consideration what an app is supposed to do from an end user’s point of view. The fact that they have a deep understanding of the processes in their own lines of business is a big advantage. So, start with something simple to gain know-how and confidence before tackling bigger challenges.


On a final note, as a developer, AppGyver makes it possible to build things with quick turnaround times and spin up an app easily instead of having to build everything from scratch. Even as a beginner or citizen developer without a technical background, you can start small. One key point as you have read from Jha's experience is to: "develop a mindset that takes into consideration what an app is supposed to do from an end user’s point of view".

We hope you enjoyed reading about Jha's experience with AppGyver, please share your thoughts or feedback in the comment section. Also, do you have a project idea you would like to execute with AppGyver? You can learn more about SAP AppGyver, and

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