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Permissions for smart data streaming use a separate system from HANA privileges, and as of SP 12 you can manage them using the HANA cockpit. In this post, we’ll cover creating new users and assigning streaming permissions using the new cockpit interface in HANA 2.0.

One important thing to remember when granting streaming permissions is that you’re granting them to a HANA user, so you need to create that user in the HANA system to actually use the permissions. You can perform these two tasks in either order.

For example, if you grant streaming permissions to a user named DEV01 in cockpit but no HANA user exists with that name, there are no credentials for someone to log in as DEV01 and use the permissions. If you then create a HANA user named DEV01, the permissions you set earlier apply to that user.

To create a new HANA user in cockpit, connect to your HANA system as a user with the USER ADMIN system privilege (for example, the SYSTEM user).

Once you’ve connected to the HANA system, go to the Administration section and select Manage users:

On the user management page, click the plus icon and select Create User:

Then, on the new user page, enter a user name and authentication method, then click Save:

To assign streaming permissions to the user, you’ll need to connect to your HANA system as a user with streaming admin permissions. In a new installation, the following users can configure streaming permissions:




Once you’ve connected to your HANA system, go to the SAP HANA Options section and select Manage Streaming Permissions:

On the Streaming Permissions page, you can see a list of HANA users that currently have streaming permissions set. In a new installation, this will only be the SYSTEM user (SYS_STREAMING and SYS_STREAMING_ADMIN also have streaming permissions, but these can’t be modified and aren’t shown on this page).

To add streaming permissions for a new user, click the plus icon, then enter the HANA user name and click Add:

This creates an entry for the user, who initially has no streaming permissions. Select Edit to begin adding them:

Then select the Add icon to add a new permission:

This brings up the form for creating a new permission. Set a privilege, privilege type, resource type, and resource, then save it. Once you’ve finished adding permissions, select Done:

The user you’ve set permissions for now appears in the list on the left, and is ready to go:

For more information about permissions and the types of permissions you would want to give to a user in a particular role, take a look at the following resources: