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In the previous blog post, I shared information on what exactly are spaces and how to manage and monitor a space in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. In this blog post with just a few clicks, we will see how easy it is to create a space as well.

If you have not checked out my previous blog post about Space management click here. 

How To Create a SPACE in Data Warehouse cloud

1) Log on to your tenant and on the home,  page click GOTO space management, and click on the (+) icon.

You will now be required to enter a meaningful name that you would like to give to your space.

Once you enter a name click Create and you should now see your created space in the list as below with all other spaces.

You can now click on the space you created and view all the relevant details associated with the SPACE and increase the storage capacity and set the space priority or even monitor the space as well.

You can also if needed delete the space from the above screenshot or you can just direct back to Space management and delete from there as shown below.

That's IT!!!. It is as easy at these few clicks.

For more information on SPACES and how to manage and Monitor your spaces refer to my previous blog.

If you have any questions about the information provided in this blog post please feel free to ask them below in the comment section. If you have any questions regarding SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in general, Please post them into our Q&A section in the link below: