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In this blog post I would like to summarize our webinar from May 23, 2013 and point you to the SAP HANA Cloud Portal material related to the webinar topic - creating mobile websites using SAP HANA Cloud Portal.

To recap the key takeaways:

  1. SAP HANA Cloud Portal enables easy creation of business sites
  2. Use the right approach when building a mobile site to cater to different needs of different users
  3. SAP HANA Cloud Portal is build "Mobile First" and can serve as a great solution to the challenge of buidling a mobile site

You can find below answers for all the questions raised during the webinar:

Q: What are the costs associated in purchasing the SAP Hana Cloud Portal and can you purchaing without sap hana cloud?

A: Pricing of cloud portal is comprised of two items: Site Admins and Site Visits. In cases were only the cloud portal is required the purchase is applied to the portal which includes mandatory platfrom sources such as bandwidth, storage etc. If you need further details on pricing you can contact me directly. 

Q: Can we use SSO to integrate SFSF or another cloud application?

A: SAP HANA Cloud identity service supports standards-based authentication and                    single sign-on (SSO).

Q: Is HTML5 only coding used for developeing UI in cloud portal?

A: HTML5 is the reccomended UI to provide out-of-the-box mobile support on a variety of devices.

Q: Who are our competitors ?

A: Main competitos would be Sales Force with and Sharepoint. The main advantage of the SAP Cloud Portal is the ability to establish a secured integration with the on-premise for re-use of existing SAP backend application

Q: If apart from the already existing on-premise portal, client wants to expose certain processess on cloud portal,what option does they have .Do SAP supply cloud business packages like portal packages

A: SAP business packages are not running on the cloud at the moment. Some of the business packages are being renovated these days to have a new HTML5 based UI. These applications can be consumed by the Cloud Portal using the SAP HANA Cloud connectivitiy services to connect with the on-premise backend.

Q: HANA Cloud Portal is a PaaS. I understood the features, they are great. Where do we innovate with HANA Cloud Portal?

A: With the SAP HANA Cloud Portal you can easily create and publish secure, scalable and attractive cloud-based sites for your customers, partners and employee. The innovation can come from the new custom apps you will develop and deploy on the cloud, design your own custom branded sites and integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems for leveraging exisitng assets.

Q: Why this is HANA cloud portal ,is there any perticular reasion to use HANA?

A: HANA is used by the cloud platform as the database. As part of the Cloud Portal roadmap we plan to leverage SAP HANA in-memory computing services (e.g. reccomendations, contextual suggestions etc.)

Q: Is Cloud secured as access is more through Links send via mails to users.what is the securityconcept used?

A: It is worth to mention that Cloud Portal is ISO27001 certification compliance. Specifically for the user access related question, there are several levels of user authentication. You can define your portal site as "private" where only invited users can access the site, if you set the access level "restricted" all the users that were successfully authenticated via the configured IdP will get to see the site, or you decide to expose it t all by setting the site as "public".

More inforamtino on user authentication can be found here:

Q: Only the application deployed on cloud can be intregated or any other deployed application on diffrent server can also be configured in cloud portal?

A: We can connect with different applications running on SAP and non-SAP systems.

Q: why open social widget url start with "BASE"....???

A: This is the relative folder location avaialble on our server.

Q: Is it possible to use Sap Hana Cloud integration now or end of the year?

A: I guess the question refers to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Need a clarification on what integration is required.

Q: How can any portal role such as ESS and MSS can be exposed in widget acording to role type..

A: Enterprise Portal roles and Cloud Portal roles are different.

Q: Can we use this site to connect to SAP ERP System and what will be the UI technology used for this.

A: The recommended option is to develop a custom application using HTML5 that connects to the ERP system to fetch the relevant data. This application can be deployed on the cloud platform and very easily exposed in the Cloud Portal.

The demo we planned to share in the webinar for smartphone experience is also available in this movie:

Get your own  FREE TRIAL account here:

Also, check out -

Cloud Portal official website:

Cloud Portal Community:

Development related inforamtion:

Thanks for joining this webinar and see you all in the next one!

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