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SAP recently announced the global expansion of its job skills-building program, People to Work by SAP, which has already helped over 400,000 job seekers and professionals re-skill or further develop existing skills. The program, which is delivered by an extensive network of SAP partners, equips first-time job seekers as well as those in career transitions with the necessary skills and an SAP Global Certification to facilitate their entry into the job market.

The program has already created a lasting impact on those who have participated, providing people with continuous learning opportunities and a second shot within the workforce. Bettina Maas, a former participant in a publicly funded training program for users and consultants at WBS Training AG, is now a successful SAP trainer herself assuming leadership and responsibility. Similarly, Francesca Dukagjini, who also participated in the training program now “looks positively to a future full of possibilities and paths.” Through this continuous learning, Francesca has obtained the courage, strength, and professional skills to develop into a very capable, service-oriented talent, with lots of creativity and team spirit.

Participants of the People to Work Program have been able to achieve long-term professional goals through extensive training and development. Alexander Rahm reached a turning point in his life and decided to pursue his own personal interest in software development and architecture through SAP software user training at SRH. This has allowed him to “build up know-how, discover new talents and develop personally.”

To learn more about how People to Work by SAP is helping people develop the digital skills that are necessary to thrive in the future workforce, read more here.