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Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we? 
Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney 


We all like this song but wonder why even serious organisation sometimes find themselves in complex situations. 

A few years ago, at Contextor, we were called by an insurance company looking to solve a problem created by a new application that, instead of simplifying the agents' work, had increased the workload. And under pressure they had considered a solution that, in our humble opinion, would have only made the situation worse ...  

while wondering how to redirect the project without adding to the irritation.... 

So everything went wrong and ...


Wait ! Nothing went wrong thanks to someone who suggested, "What if we worked cooperatively?" 

Once the astonishment was over, this question seemed natural and we set up workshops with business and IT and found a solution that was as quick as it was elegant. 

This lesson made us think about the need to provide a collaborative solution that can make people work together ... and. the good news is that this coincided with our recent R&D work.

RPA is still a serious project now open for Citizen Developers 

Satisfying the needs of business lines is the main mission of IT departments, but it has to be done in a reliable, secure and industrial way. And it takes time … 

The business lines, for their part, are confronted with operational needs on a day-to-day basis and do not hesitate to look for quick solutions. And it creates shadow IT  

The new 2.0 version of SAP Intelligent RPA has been designed to address this dilemma! 

By providing a solution that is easy to use, SAP’s intention is not to increase the shadow to it, but to allow businesses to initiate the development of automation in order to be able to share them with IT, which will make them more reliable but also make them available to other users. 

So, then the cooperation becomes true ! 

The induced benefit is that everyone benefits. The trade can initiate projects, which they know better than anyone else. IT can bring its know-how and complete these projects, make them available to other business lines and ensure their sustainability.

SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0: Main advantages 

A simple and fast software version that allows the power of RPA to be recursively servedRPA allows users to focus on the smart part of their work, this new version does the same for scriptwriters 😉 

A short list of the Main Novelties: 

  • The only Cloud based solution, offering all the advantages of a smooth web solution to create and manage bots … and opens the world of Re-use and co-working.

  • Co-working is available thanks to cloud, bot designers can work on the same project together.

  • Why reinvent the wheel? The new 2.0 allows to create modular automations you can use and re-use in different Process Automations, as simply as building blocks.

  • A new cloud-based design studio to build bots: no more need to go from one desktop tool to another, screen captures, graphical workflow, test and delivery are accessible through a simple browser.

  • A brand new Low-Code experience with still the power of JavaScript in order to extend capabilities.

  • A JavaScript with more modern capabilities: EcmaScript6+ the new standard that allows interoperability of Web pages across different Web browsers.

  • Best of breed NodeJS: you will retrieve a package, develop a small function that wrap the existing functions in the package, and then produce all the associated activities, quickly! 

We will send you feedback from our beta-testers customers very soon ... Stay tuned !

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