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This blog will explain

  • Standard predefined roles available on the SAP Cloud platform.

  • Need for custom roles/user defined roles.

  • How to create custom/user defined roles on SAP CP.


Currently by default there are 5 predefined roles that are available on the SAP Cloud platform for subaccount members.

  1. Developer

  2. Support User

  3. Application User Admin

  4. Cloud Connector Admin

You can find the details of 5 prepackages/predefined roles for SAP CP subaccount members in Cloud Cockpit url below

Need for custom roles/user defined roles.

Sometimes you might want to assign limited/restricted roles to few users . Or you might want to create a new role with a set of capabilities to assign to few users.

e.g Suppose a developer role is capable of doing task X, task Y and task Z.

& You have 2 sets of users: 1) Users who should  to be allowed to accomplish task X and task Y.

2) Users who should be allowed to accomplish task X and task W.

In such cases, you create 2 custom roles say Role A = X + Y

and Role B = X and W and assign it to relevant users.


Another example.

You have multiple Java & html5 applications running on SAP CP.And you want to create 2 sets of users for managing these applications.

Userset_A to  manage java applications + manage database +managegit + manage quota

Userset_B to manage html5 applications + manage database +managegit

So you create 2 different platform roles (role A & role B with relevant permissions)  and assign to relevant users.

How to create custom/user defined roles on SAP CP


Your new custom role is created. Now you should assign it to the relevant users in your subaccount by selecting the check box.i.e goto Subaccount -> Members -> Edit member



Create a custom role with only one scope readJavaApplications and assign it to a user say TEST_USER_1


NOW login to the sap cloud platform using the TEST_USER_1 credentials.


You will see only Java Applications as shown below.


But if you login with Admin user, you should be able to see all the links on the left side menu.