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Moderator's note:

“SAP strongly recommends to not use P-users in any productive integration scenarios. Instead we recommend using client certificate or Oauth authentication for such scenarios.”


Purpose of a technical user: Many times, you have several people working in the integration work space, but not all have an individual S-user assigned to them. Also sometimes, during an error, we need several parties to look at the problem and it is immensely cumbersome to assign access to each user on a need basis. There are cases, where you had to share your user password due to time constraints.

All the above problems can be addressed with the help of a technical user. A technical user is a generic user who you can assign the required roles and share with all the intended parties.

Steps to create a technical user:

Even though they are no technical users by definition, we will use an SAP P-user as technical user for our purpose. It can be created as follows:

  1. Go to in an incognito mode so you do not get logged in automatically. Click on Log On. Choose Register in the pop-up window:

  2. Enter all the required information on the register screen. The activation link shall be sent to the email address provided by you on this screen, so enter a valid email address:

  3. You will receive the following email for activating the new user:

  4. Click on the activation link - once activated, your registration is complete. You shall be directed to the following page:

  5. Click on Go to Account Settings to get your user details:

  6. Now go to your SAP Cloud Platform Accounts cockpit, choose the sub-account of your Cloud Platform Integration tenant and click on Members:

  7. Add the P-user that you picked in step 5, assign all the required roles and add a relevant description for future reference:

  8. The user is successfully added to your Cloud Platform's sub-account:

  9. Go to Security --> Authorizations --> Users. Enter the P-user you just added and click on Assign. Now choose all the roles you want to assign to this technical user:

  10. The technical user is ready to use.