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Cisco’s outgoing CEO John chambers recently said at Cisco Live that “Forty percent of businesses in this room, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years,” and adding that “ 70% of companies would "attempt" to go digital but only 30% of those would succeed”.  While a digital business has many aspects to it, what does this mean from an enterprise technology and an IT perspective? How do you extend the existing mission critical systems of records and create a new system of engagement without disruptions and digitally transform the business?

For starters, APIs have increasingly become the foundational building blocks of technology for building digital business. Whether it is the way people interact with their government, the concept of connected cars, smart cities, wearable’s or even the way people interact with each other, there is a larger digital system powered by APIs and the ecosystem that is helping us do things faster better smarter. An API platform can deliver their systems of engagement faster better and in a more sustainable manner.


At SAP, helping business not only attempting to go digital but also helping them succeed is a serious endeavor. The makings of an API platform enabler for SAP enterprise systems like ERP, CRM etc. started with the Launch of SAP Gateway back in 2011. SAP Gateway with the help of open industry standards makes it very easy for the enterprises and its IT to create APIs to access SAP systems simpler.


The launch of SAP API Management, on-premise edition in 2014 and now the SAP API Management on the HANA Cloud Platform, we have broadened our role in creating a holistic digital platform technologies that help enterprises and its IT to create manage and govern their digital assets and accesses through APIs simpler, safer and better.


The API Management based on the HANA Cloud platform comes with a whole host of features that enable you to discover, onboard, manage and govern APIs and services from various platforms both SAP and non-SAP.

Some of the key focus areas for API Management have been in the following areas;


API Security: with SAP API Management its possible to enable APIs with modern Authentication and Authorization techniques such as OAuth 2.0, API keys using our of the box policies.


Traffic Management: Managing traffic effectively to make use you are not overloading your backend servers, protecting your APIs against sudden spikes in API traffic is very critical to keep your APIs up and running. This is made easier and seamless irrespective of the underlying platforms.


Analytics: In any API program having transparency and insights into in who is using the APIs, when, from where, the error patterns can be crucial in the success of the program. Real-time Analytics Powered by HANA in SAP API Management helps you do exactly that in a simple easy to use web experience.


Developer Engagement: Engaging with Developers and their enablement is critical to the success of any API program. SAP API Management provides a easy to use intuitive portal for developer to sign-up, test APIs and create & manage Applications.

SAP API Management integrates with various SAP and non-SAP platforms in a simple secure and scalable manner that helps enterprises create new digital experiences much more simpler, safer. This is only the beginning, Happy API-fying !!

Watch this space for more updates on SAP API Management.

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