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Hello Readers,

I am Veekshitha, working as a Quality Specialist as a part of Application Embedding Development team in SAP Analytics Cloud area.

As many colleagues approached me and asking same question like below, I thought of writing this blog & it would be useful.

How to create HDI container instance?

From where can I find HDI instance details which is required while running Integration Services?

How to create a service key for the HDI instance?

In this blog post you will learn how to create HDI containers. Also, how to create the service key for those HDI container instance which can be consumed later while running Integration Service & use in SAC which will be explained in my next blog.

We will go through step by step processes to achieve the same.

Pre-requisites required: -

  1. SAP BTP cockpit access

  2. User must enable 2-Factor Authentication

Let’s start:

Logon to the SAP BTP cockpit using SAP user ID, it will ask for 2FA authentication to setup for the first time if when I login

To Create HDI instance:

  1. Navigate to the Global account which is created & then to the subaccount

  2. From left hand side to Instances & Subscriptions

  3. Click on Create Instance from the right of the pane

  4. I would get the below dialog where I need to select the “Service”, “Plan”, “space”, “Instance Name” as shown below

  5. Once the HDI Instance is created, I can Create service key from the below option highlighted & Click on “Create Service Key”

  6. Provide the Service Key name & click on Create as shown below

  7. Service Key will be listed up in right hand side panel as shown below

This service key will contain HDI schema name, Jdbc URL, certificate, HDI user/password, etc.…

P.S. all the screenshots used above are the made by myself during the execution process.


The HDI Container and the service key for those HDI container instance can be consumed later while running Integration Service in On-premise & use in SAC workflow using Extended HANA Live connection.

Thanks for reading the blog post!